Clas Mild Clove Cigarettes

Many smokers, particularly male smokers, may feel better if they tend to smoke harsh cigarettes. Harsh cigarettes refer to those cigarettes with a high amount of tar and nicotine.

The taste is stronger and there is a typical tobacco flavor that dominates it. Those smokers who have been addicted to harsh cigarettes tend to “not feel” anything when they try a milder cigarette.

Of course, the effect of nicotine is indeed that big.

Clas Mild Clove Cigarettes

Clas Mild Clove Cigarettes

Then, there is Clas Mild clove cigarettes produced by PT. Nojorono Tobacco International is known as a type of mild cigarette with unique flavors; they are sweet and fruity.

Of course, if you are addicts of harsh cigarettes, you may just not be interested in it and even underestimate the product. But you should not worry, you can just try it.

There are many harsh-cigarette smokers who fall in love with Clas Mild, not for the mildness but more about the flavor.

So, here are further descriptions of Clas Mild cigarettes.

Rokok Clasmild

Clas Mild Package

Clas Mild package is simple but I don’t think that it is very attractive. There is a white background with the logo of Clas Mild in a silver box.

For the letters; they are blue and red. Okay, the package is mediocre but at the same time, it looks like the brand is confident enough in marketing its products.

Yes, the package may no need to be that good as long as cigarettes inside are qualified.

Clas Mild Cigarettes’ Appearance

Although Clas Mild marketing targets are young adults, it also looks like that the brand is trying too hard to make the products look modern and sophisticated.

It is seen from the cigarettes that are produced in regular sizes. They are not as slim and minimalist as other modern products offered around.

In each package, you can enjoy 16 pieces that are covered with foil paper. The foil paper before the main package is intended to make the products clean and more hygienic for sure.

Clasmild Cigarettes

Clas Mild Taste

Well, Clas Mild cigarettes seems to really focus on the taste rather than outer looks like package and appearance.

It is although when it is described, the taste seems too “weak” and not interesting also. But still, Clas Mild is worthy to try.

The product uses Virginian tobacco as the main ingredient. Virginian tobacco is known for its mild and light taste but still delicious and enjoyable.

Clas Mild Cigarettes

Some other tobacco types are added but all of them also tend to be light also like Oriental tobacco that is famous for its nutty flavor.

Other ingredients are not known clearly. It makes Clas Mild seem better than other brands in terms of keeping its secret recipe.

However, the combination of ingredients really brings a great flavor although it is still under the mild category. The cigarettes may have a lychee essence and it is where the fruity flavor comes from.

The essence is also the reason why the product is sweet but also spicy at once.

But no matter what ingredients are made to make the product, the final result is incredibly good. It tastes very well with a really enjoyable flavor.

Yes, it is sweet, fruity, and smooth but still addicting even for the lovers of harsh cigarettes. It is clear enough why Clas Mild is even sold with a relatively more expensive price than other products.


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