Butz Choquin Classic Pipe

For France pipe smokers and tobacconist Butz-Coquin tobacco pipes already well known and most of them love their products of pipes.

Butz-Choquin selling the pipe in France since 1858 up to now. The brand known as a producer of an elegant tobacco pipes with an emphasis on superior design, said that as an artisan quality of products.

Butz Choquin Classic Pipe

Butz Choquin Classic Pipe

One of the products that we describe in this article is Butz-Choquin Compagnon Unie 1304 TP BC.


French word Compagnon means in English as a lifelong partner. It is perfect for Butz-choquin gave that name to this classic, solid and simple tobacco pipe.

Many of tobacco pipe collectors like the Butz Choquin Classic Pipe products of tobacco pipe.

Bc Classic Pipe

This BC Compagnon Unie 1304 TP is a simple full-bent Billiard design, very traditional French style with seamless smooth transition from the stummel to stem.

Butz Choquin Classic Pipe is worthy for the collector, but also a good choice for an introduction pipe for the new pipe smokers.

The stummel made by selected Briar wood with smooth and shine finishing, the stem made by acrylic material with a comfort bit and button (mouthpiece) shape.

Buts Choquin Pipe 1034

There is no band between the stummel and stem, it is high accurate of connection for the tenon to enter the mortise and placing the filter, so the airflow is excellent.

That is also because the Briar wood material is a good wood for the shank. The smoke flow from the draught hole in the chamber to the mouthpiece through a 9 mm filter in the mortise.

The bowl design also comfortable for grab by hand, or even bite the bit.

Butz Choquin Classic Pipe Decriptions

  • Brand: Butz-Choquin
  • Model: Champagnon Unie
  • Stype: 1304
  • shape: Bent Billiard
  • Length: 140.21 mm
  • Height: 48.15 mm
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Bowl depth: 42.70 mm
  • Bowl outside diameter: 36.71 mm
  • Bowl inside diameter: 19.86 mm
  • Shank wide at seam: 15.46 mm
  • Filter: 9 mm
  • Finish: Smooth
  • stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Acrylic
  • Package: Box
  • Country of Origin: French
  • Band: None

Butz Choquin Classic Pipe Tobacco

Yes indeed, the Butz-Choquin brand is regarded as a leader in French tobacco pipe, owing a good deal of its success on making artisan innovation design.

As the company began with a single pipe product called the Choquin pipe, in 1858. The original Butz-Choquin pipe featured an Albatross Bone stem, silver rings to hold the body together, and a flat-bottomed hearth.

The Butz-Choquin brand is regarded as a leader in French smoking pipes, owing a good deal of its success on making design innovation its number one priority.

Take a few minutes to browse through our large selection of Butz-Choquin smoking pipes and you’ll see this commitment is taken seriously.

No matter which pipe you choose, you’re Butz-Choquin pipe will be a stylish addition to your smoking experience.

Unique and often colorful accents are a hallmark of this company’s stain and shank adornments. Each pipe is made with turned bowls, and features either a vulcanite or acrylic stem.

If you’re looking for high-style at an affordable price, the best tobacco pipe for you might just be a Butz-Choquin designed pipe.

Read about the history of Butz-Choquin pipes.

Brief history of Butz-Choquin

Butz-Choquin pipes born in France begin with the tobacconist Jean-Baptiste who began making pipes in Mets, France with his son-in-law, Gustave Butz.

Choquin and Butz quickly established a reputation for themselves as forward-thinking pipe designers, as an artisan class.

The reputation they got, helping them in selling varying levels of tobacco pipes for the next century.

The tradition continues today, even the company for over last 100 years has changes the owner for so many times.

In the 1950s, Butz-Choquin brand became a part of Berrod-Regard Company, and moved their production of Pipe Company to Haut Jura Mountains.

And then the company has changes the owner for more than three times.  Finally, since 2002 the company is belongs to Fabien Guichon.

Guichon is a native of the home of briar tobacco pipes and he committed his future to the continued development of the Choquin and Butz-Choquin pipes.

Even popular in France and Europe, Butz-Choquin tobacco pipe not popular in the United States of America.  The Butz-Choquin tobacco pipe finally well known by many American pipe smokers until today since they exported the pipes to America since 1999.

During the period of the Berrod-Regad group running the Butz-Choquin business, they start dot a winning prizes in France, including then Gold Cup on France Good Taste.

Today the pipe also selling on the online shops……….


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