Clove Cigarette Kretek Facts

Clove Cigarette Kretek Facts for Health

There are pros and cons in clove cigarettes kretek. Some people think that smoking clove cigarette kretek is useful for health, especially for therapy. On the other hand, non-smokers said that smoking clove cigarette kretek is unhealthy.

Let’s check the clove cigarette kretek facts to give you a better understanding of clove cigarette kretek.

Toxic Chemical in Clove Cigarette Kretek

The reason why some people hate smoking is that clove cigarette kretek consists of a variety of toxic chemicals. Those toxic chemicals are including carcinogens, toxic metals, radioactive toxic metals, poisons, and many others.

The toxic chemicals are the causes of a variety of serious diseases including cancer, physical distress, breathing difficulty, and even death.


The Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

The secondhand smoke is smoking a clove cigarette kretek from two sources. The first source is the smoke that exhaled by the smoker. The second source is the smoke produced by a smoldering cigarette.

There are also some clove cigarette kretek facts behind the secondhand smoke, especially in the health effects. As a secondhand smoke contains 250 poisonous chemicals and 70 chemicals that can cause cancer.

Even if you are a non-smoker, you still get the risk of the smoke if you are living around the smokers. In a specific time, the smoke will give health effects to your health.

The Addiction Effect of Clove Cigarette Kretek

A Clove cigarette kretek is made of tobacco and cloves along with additional flavors. Tobacco as one of the primary ingredients contains nicotine.

Nicotine is the cause of why people want to smoke a cigarette more and more after their first trial. Nicotine makes you addicted to cigarette. Although it gives an addictive effect it doesn’t make you high or fly just like when you are smoking marijuana.

Clove Cigarette with Vitamin Depletion

The recent study concludes that there is a relationship between smoking clove cigarette kretek with vitamin depletion. The main reason is that smoking is able to produce free radicals.

Free radicals can damage your cells. After a few times, the condition leads to cancer and any other diseases. Slowly but sure, smoking is able to reduce the level of vitamin in your body.

When your body is lack of vitamins, free radicals can easily grow because there is no protection anymore in your body.

You might be shocked with the clove cigarette kretek facts. Just read the facts carefully and decide whether you want to stop smoke or not.


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