Clove Cigarette Kretek Ingredients

3 Main Clove Cigarette Kretek Ingredients that Determine the Flavor of the Cigarette

People love to smoke clove cigarettes kretek because of its flavor. The strong flavor is strongly related to the ingredients.

Each of the cigarette kreteks has its own ingredients. Let’s talk about the common clove cigarette kretek ingredients that make the product flavorous.

Tobacco is the main ingredient of clove cigarette kretek. This ingredient is the reason why clove cigarette kretek has a strong flavor.

Tobacco contains two main compounds which are stimulant alkaloid nicotine and harmala alkaloids. The tobacco leaves are used for cigarette and it has to be dried. Some people even love to chew and dip tobacco.

The flavor depends on the variety of tobacco leaves. The best quality tobacco producer in the world is Indonesia along with 100 tobacco varieties. The tobacco farmers harvest high-quality tobacco by cutting it by hand. The leaves are ready to harvest after two or three months.

One of the clove cigarette kretek ingredients which also considered as an important ingredient is cloves. Cloves are used as the ingredient of cigarette kretek because of the aroma.

The aroma comes from the flower buds. Just like tobacco leaves, the fresh cloves have to be dried and chopped first before mixed in the cigarette kretek.

This ingredient is not only used for a cigarette but also for spice in the cuisine of Asian, African, and the Middle East countries.


Cigarette kretek with clove is commonly found in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Indonesia is one of the countries which produce the best cloves in the world.

This country becomes the largest cloves producers in the world. This is due to the humidity and tropical climates area. The farmers need to wait around four years to harvest the flower. Not all cloves can be harvested.

Only cloves with closed flowers can be harvested and used as the ingredient of the clove cigarette kretek.

Other Ingredients
The flavor is not only coming from the tobacco and cloves but also from several additional ingredients. Commonly, the ingredients are made of a variety of herbs and fruits. The herbs and fruits are extracted.

The function of the extracting is to increase the aroma and flavor. When it is done, the herbs and fruits extract is mixed with dried tobacco leaves and cloves. The cigarette flavor is various and it depends on the extract mixed with the dried tobacco and cloves.

In short, the taste of the clove cigarette kretek depends on the ingredients mixed. The best cigarette kretek with great flavor must be used high-quality clove cigarette kretek ingredients.


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