Clove Cigarette Kretek Prices

Brands that Offers the Best Clove Cigarette Kretek Prices

Clove cigarette kretek prices become one of the considerations before buying a cigarette. Most people will find the most affordable clove cigarettes along with strong taste and great sensation.

Let’s take a look at the clove cigarette brands that offer affordable price along with great smoking sensation.

Best Clove Cigarette Kretek Price Brands


Sampoerna is one of the most popular clove cigarette brands in Indonesia. It is developed by Phillip Morris International. This cigarette company becomes the largest company in Indonesia.

The interesting part is that Sampoerna offers affordable price clove cigarettes despite its popularity and a variety of premium cigarettes this company has. Let say, the average clove cigarette kretek prices made by Sampoerna is around 17.000 rupiah and more in Indonesia.

Until today, Sampoerna publishes a variety of cigarettes including Sampoerna cigarette kretek, Magnum, A Mild Menthol, Marlboro, and many more.


Gudang Garam

Just like Sampoerna, Gudang Garam is also one of the biggest cigarette kretek companies in Indonesia. If we compare the clove cigarette kretek prices, Gudang Garam is included in the company which gives an affordable cigarette to its customers.

The price of the cigarette is various but you can buy a package of Gudang Garam cigarette kretek for 15.800 rupiahs or more. Gudang Garam is well-know because of the high-quality of cigarette kretek they have.

The cigarette kretek is including cigarette Klobot kretek, hand-rolled cigarette kretek, and machine-rolled cigarette kretek.

Djarum Super 

Most Indonesian smokers know about Djarum Super. This cigarette kretek is produced by PT Djarum. It has one of the biggest customers in Indonesia.

You can buy three different packages which are a cigarette kretek with 10, 12, and 16 cigarettes per package.

Due to its popularity, Djarum Super cigarette kretek is not only produced in Indonesia but also in several countries such as China and America.

Dji Sam Soe 

It is one of the best products produced by PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. If you want to get the best hand-rolled cigarette kretek, you can try Dji Sam Soe. People love this cigarette not only because of the affordable price but also because of the amazing flavor and sensation.

Clove Cigarette Kretek Prices Conclusion

So, if you want to smoke the best cigarette kretek, just try one of the brands explained above. Besides offering the best flavor and smoking sensation, those brands also offer the best price.

The point is that you can enjoy affordable clove cigarette kretek prices but you are still satisfied with the quality of the cigarette.  


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