Clove Cigarettes Brands

There are some clove cigarettes brands available in the market. Some of those clove cigarettes (kretek) are popular and some of them are unknown.

The popularity is because of some reasons such as the quality of the ingredients, materials, taste, and many more.

The list below shows the most popular clove cigarettes brands and the reason why they become a popular brand among smokers.

Rokok Kretek
Clove cigarettes brands

Clove Cigarettes Brands

In Indonesia, many kretek cigarettes are produced by small industries to large manufacturers.

5 (five) major cigarette factories in Indonesia, including PT. HM. Sampoerna, Tbk. (owned by Philip Morris International, Inc.), PT. Gudang Garam, Tbk., PT. Djarum, PT. Bentoel International Investama, Tbk (owned by British American Tobacco (BAT)) Indonesia, and PT. Nojorono Tobacco and many more.

The large clove cigarette factory can be said to control 80% of the kretek cigarette market share in Indonesia. (source: Statista)

Smoking Indonesia Statistics
Cigarette manufacturer market share, source: TheConversation.Com

Some of famous clove cigarettes brands include:


  • Sampoerna A Mild (Sampoerna Mild)
  • Dji Sam Soe Kretek (234)
  • Dji Sam Soe Super Premium
  • Sampoerna Avolution

Gudang Garam

  • Gudang Garam International
  • Gudang Garam Surya
  • Gudang Garam Professional
  • GG Mild
  • Gudang Garam Merah


  • Djarum Super
  • Djarum Black
  • LA. Lights
  • Djarum Coklat
  • Djarum 76


  1. Bentoel Biru
  2. Sejati
  3. Dunhill Mild
  4. Lucky Strike Mild


  • Minak Jinggo
  • Clas Mild
  • Aroma Kretek

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Best Popular Clove Cigarettes Brands

Sampoerna A Mild Kretek

Sampoerna A Mild

Sampoerna A Mild is one of the most popular clove cigarette brands among people. It is a mild filtered clove cigarette. The special part is that you are about to smoke a clove cigarette with 17.5 millimeters thick mild filter.

This cigarette is produced by PT. HM Sampoerna. This Sampoerna A Mild clove cigarettes package looks exclusive in which you can see 2 long clove cigarettes and 10 wide clove cigarettes.


Sampoerna A Mild
image: Tokopedia

You can find two different packages which are a package with 12 cigarettes and 16 cigarettes.

The manufacturer claimed that Sampoerna A Mild is a clove cigarette with a low level of tar and nicotine.

Due to its quality, Sampoerna A Mild is included in the list of top 10 cigarettes that achieve the highest sales in the world.

It also has unique taglines to attract more smokers such as taste the future, others can only follow, how long can you go, and go ahead.

Djarum Black

Djarum Black

Another popular clove cigarette brand is Djarum Black. Djarum Black becomes one of the most popular clove cigarette brands because of its quality.

The cigarette offers great aroma and taste. The unique character is on its spicy flavor.

The quality is coming from the ingredients in which Djarum processed Djarum Black with the finest natural-grown tobacco an clove.

Djarum Blacks

To attract more smokers, Djarum creates Djarum Series that give smokers more cigarette variants.

Nowadays, Djarum Black is not only popular in Indonesia but also in several other countries such as Brazil, United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and India.

Gudang Garam Filter

Gudang Garam International

Talking about the most popular clove cigarette brands, we have to discuss Gudang Garam. PT. Gudang Garam Tbk is known as the fifth-largest tobacco manufacturer in Indonesia. The manufacturer has been operated since 1958 until today.

Nowadays, Gudang Garam has a variety of clove cigarette brands and most of them are listed on the most popular cigarettes.

Gudang Garam Product

Those are including Gudang Garam International, Signature. Signature Mild, Patra, and many more.

The variants might be the reason why smokers love to smoke Gudang Garam clove cigarette. They have more variation to choose and it keeps them away from boredom.

Moreover, each of the brands has its strong flavor and characters that make smokers want to try it over and over again.

Clove cigarettes brands
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Clove cigarettes brands
There are some clove cigarettes brands available in the market. Some of those clove cigarettes (kretek) are popular and some of them are unknown.
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