Cocktail Made From Tobacco

Have you ever tasted produces of tobacco? Cigarette? Cigar? Vape?

How about… tobacco cocktail?

Apparently, tobacco is able to be made into cocktail. A hotel bartender named Jonathan Condesa in Mexico City came up with an extraordinary creation of cocktail using tobacco as its main ingredient.

This tobacco cocktail is called D. F. Irreverente. It is made by mixing rum, pineapple juice, and the inside of a cigarette together and then those ingredients are strained into a glass.

The tobacco cocktails has made head turns because the demand for that is so high that the hotel is struggling to keep up with the demand.

The cocktails I’ve come to try tonight are made using Perique Tobacco Liqueur produced by scientist come craft-distiller, Ted Breaux, who makes the spirit in France using distilled Louisiana Perique – one of the rarest and strongest tobaccos in the world.

“It’s made in roughly the same way as gin is,” says Ted. “But instead of using juniper berries we use tobacco. The concept was to take an immensely powerful substance and then to reduce it through distillation into something very subtle but full of flavour.”

A flavour that Ted describes as: “sitting in an old leather armchair, in a cosy library where your favourite grandfather has smoked his pipe a few hours before.” It’s a longwinded description, but Ted’s liqueur seems to have struck a chord with consumers. Perique has recently appeared on the menus of some of London’s most exclusive cocktail bars, including Barts, Paramount and Ten Manchester Street.

And its popularity is spreading, by the sounds of it. “We’re struggling to keep up with demand,” says Ted. “A lot more people are starting to order it across Britain and Japan. And our plan is to start selling it to the USA next year.”

A tobacco cocktail?

Well, it is certainly a must try for all tobacco lovers out there.

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