Cohiba Blue

For cigar smokers, brand of Cohiba well-known in the world as a reputation Cuban cigar, some called as a Fidel Castro’s personal brand that coming from Habanos S.A.

Since the late of 1070s, there are many of Cohiba brand arise outside Cuba. In the United States, there is a Cohiba brand owned by General Cigar Co. does fairly well on its own, albeit quite possibly with a bump by association. The non-Cuban brand was launched with trademarks filed in both 1981 and 1995.

In 1978 General Cigar Co. registered the Cohiba brand name for distribution Cohiba cigar in the United States.  The cigar called as Cohiba “Red Dot,” the Cigar was made in the Dominican Republic with a blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos and Cameroon wrappers.  During the Cigar boom in 1990s those cigar become popular in the cigar smoker in the United States.

Today non-Cuban Cohiba that available in the market are; Cohiba Nicaragua, Cohiba Black, Cohiba XV, Cohiba Edición Diamante, Cohiba Macassar, Cohiba Puro Dominicana, and Cohiba Comador, and in 2017 there is a new version called as Cohiba Blue. The cigar is being made at the General Cigar Dominicana factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The Cohiba Blue blend start with a diverse combination of Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Ometepe and Dominican Piloto Cubano long-fillers, Honduran Olancho San Agustin (OSA) binder,  and on the top layer is silky, Rosado-hued Honduran Olancho San Agustin wrapper.

It makes a medium-bodied cigar with a rich, complex taste with hints of cocoa and caramel, light touch of sweetness on the finish, and an enticing aroma.

The unique, three-country blend represents the world’s most revered tobacco growing regions and delivers a sophisticated, memorable smoke. The cigars are protected hand-painted bright blue wooden boxes, each containing 20 flawlessly handcrafted cigars.

Churchill (7.5″ X 50)

Robusto (5.5″ X 50)

Rothschild (4.5″ X 50)

Toro (6″ X 54).

Who is General Cigar

General Cigar is a leading manufacturer and marketer of handcrafted cigars for the premium quality market.  Owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group.  Committed to delivering cigars of the finest quality.

The factory supported by skilled experienced artisans produce Macanudo, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas, CAO, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur and other premium brands.  The company factory facilities are in Dominica, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The company cultivates proprietary tobacco which is used exclusively in its blends and has a dedicated research and development practice that develops new varieties of tobacco and revitalizes vintage seeds.


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