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Altria Group

Altria Group was previously a company incorporated in the Phillip Morris Company, headquartered in New York, United States. By choosing the name Altria, the company took it from the Latin word ‘Altus’ which means high.

After rebranded Altria Group, Phillip Morris International and Phillip Morris USA split. Then, the management of Phillip Morris USA is under the Altria Group.

There are several other companies under the Altria Group, namely John Middleton, a tobacco and cigar pipe manufacturer. In addition, there is also the U.S Smokeless Tobacco Company with chewing tobacco products.

In addition to focusing on tobacco cigarettes, Altria Group also holds a 35% stake in JUUL Labs as well as 45% in the Cronos Group.

Profits gained by Altria Group in 2017 were estimated at 10.208 billion dollars and controlled 2% of the world cigarette market.


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