Gudang Garam (GG) (7/10)

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Gudang Garam

This company is the only cigarette company from Southeast Asia on the top 10 list. The company based in Kediri, Indonesia, is Gudang Garam Tbk. 

Dominating the domestic market by 21.4%, Gudang Garam is also influencing 1% of the world’s cigarette market. This makes Gudang Garam the largest company in the country.

Surya Wonowidjojo who has another name, Tjoa Jien Hwie, built his business on June 26, 1958. Before becoming Gudang Garam Tbk. this company is a factory with the name Inghwie and only produces Sigaret Klobot-Linting (SKL) or klobot-linting cigarette and Sigaret Kretek Tangan (SKT) or hand-made kretek cigarette.

The name change to Gudang Garam was changed in 1960. Since then, market demand has continued to increase. With the help of one of Surya’s children, Susilo Wonowidjojo, the company was getting bigger and doing innovations. 

He is the one who proposes the production of Machine Kretek Cigarettes (SKM) and low nicotine cigarettes and tobacco residues. In addition, they also still produce the first clove cigarettes wrapped in dried corn leaves or also known as klobot.


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