Korea Tomorrow and Global (KT&G) (8/10)

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The South Korean government has been monopolizing tobacco products in South Korea since 1987 under the name KT&G. 

This company was formerly called KT&G which stands for Korea Tobacco and Ginseng because not only cigarettes, ginseng was also the focus of monopoly. 

Then in 2002, the ownership changed to be owned by the private sector and concentrated on cigarettes only. In the same year, the company became Korea Tomorrow and Global (KT&G).

KT&G is reputable at its country and abroad such as in Indonesia, Russia, Middle East countries, and others. 

The cigarette brands are The One, Indigo, Raison, This, and Esse. This affects how KT&G controlled the global cigarette market with an estimated 1% in 2017.


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