Crux Cigars Releases First Wave of Newly Rebranded Products

Crux’s cigar well known as prime quality cigar that hand-rolled by Nicaraguan artisans. Blended with premium quality tobacco leaves.

During the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association trade show and convention this year (2019 IPCPR) in Las Vegas. At this time Crux introducing their new look and branding, pre-existing brands update including Epicure, Epicure Maduro, Limitada, Guild, and Bull & Bear.

Crux’s brand has changes their company logo, box packaging. Cigar brands and logos, and new slogan/hashtag into “#FindYourtCrux.”

Crux Epicure produce in various shape; Corona Gorda, Toro, Robusto, Robusto Extra, Gordo and Short Salomone.

Crux Epicure Maduro Built for the bold, the brave and the original. With colors reminiscent of a 1957 Chevy Bellaire, the Epicure Maduro invokes an element of Americana and nostalgia to provide old-school luxury.

This is the pure embodiment of when timeless flavors collide with raw imagination, making for a vintage inspired and seriously smooth collection. The vitola are; Corona Gorda, Toro, Robusto, Robusto Extra, Gordo, Short Salomone.

Crux Limitada is appropriately named. Produced in limited quantity, only 1,000 boxes a year, the Limitada is rooted in exclusivity. Superior with notes of earth and pepper, this Limited Edition cigar has the anatomy of exceptional tobacco.

When quality and craftsmanship gets rolled into one, it becomes a national treasure that only makes select appearances during prime time. The shape are; Gunner, Red Line, The Show, PB5 and Short Salomone.

Crux Guild rolled for those who are not afraid to disconnect for a few hours and recycle life’s micro moments with their friends. With a savory and smooth taste paving the way for a clean finish.  The vitola are; Corona, Robusto, Toro, Toro Extra BP MH, Short Salomone.

Crux Bull & Bear curates for those that understand hard work and rewards are not mutually exclusive. The defiant ones that never rest on their laurels and work to continually improve on themselves.

This is raw horsepower of flavor. With a Smokey pull and an authentic experience, it’s as if a lifetime of wisdom were wrapped up in a cigar. The vitola of this line are; Toro, Robusto Extra and Gordo Marblehead.

Other cigars line from Crux are; Passport, Du Connoisseur, Ninfa, and Skeeterz.


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