Cuban Cigars

Cuban Cigars Under $10

There are wide ranges of Cuban Cigars that you can buy. However, most of the Cuban cigars are highly premium and cost more than other cigars brands. If you want to taste the Cuban cigars affordably, you can choose several cheap Cuban cigars below.

What great about Cuban cigars?

Cigars and Cuba is an inevitable part such as France and wine. The Cuban cigars raw material is high quality made off. For casual smokers, there is nothing can beat the Cuban cigars. The strict control qualities are highly standardized on the process of Cuban cigars.

Tobacco in Cuban grown by takes the flavor of the soil where they were planted. Therefore, there is a unique taste of Cuban cigars that no one can replicate.

Cheap Cuban cigars

  1. Jose L Piedra Cazadores.
    The price is $4 with the strength from light to medium. This is the cigar type that long smoke. This is the perfect option for the cigar smoker. Another option form Jose L piedra that also worthy to buy is Brevas.
  2. Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro.
    The strength from the cigar is medium and the price is $5. The item is also known as the best classic wedding cigar due to the cost. The item is smaller from Jose L piedra but it still impresses everyone on the wedding. The item also comes with boxes of 25 cigars that make it as pretty as stock for your wedding.
  3. Quintero Panetelas.
    The strength from the cigar is medium to full with the length 127mm and price only $3. Quintero is the one that least known as cheap Cuban cigars. However, it still has the quality of cigar taste that looking for. This is the thin cigar but strong. The ring gauges 37 make it a comfort to handle.
  4. Montecristo no 4.
    This is the all-time best seller cigar in worldwide. The perfect size, not too small or too big and the taste and strength from a cigar that fits with everyone. This is the safe choice for Cuban cigar with $6 and rang gauge 42.
  5. La Gloria Cubana Medaille.
    The price is a little bit expensive at $9. But the price is worthy with the thin size that makes the cigar as perfect for a short smoke. The ring gauge is 32 and the length 152mm.

The Cuban Cigars is luxury and prestige when you smoke and gather with your friend. Take time to try quality high-end Cuban cigars is a must for real cigars smokers.


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