Curing Bad Breath

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Sometimes bad breath is not just bad breath.  Halitosis is another word for bad breath and it used more often when bad breath is chronic.

Anybody can eat some garlic or onions and suffer from bad breath afterwards.  But people with halitosis are in a lifelong battle with mouth odor.

Would it surprise you to learn that over 80 million people in America suffer from bad breath?

Looking on the internet for a cure is an over whelming search. You can find tons of advertisers listing products that are guaranteed to cure bad breath for good. There is everything from medications, devises and sprays.

But is all of this needed?  Does curing bad breath have to be as complicated as sending away for a produce.  Or, is it a matter of educating your self with the right information in order to find the correct solution for you?

Bad Breath
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Page after page on the internet claim that the best way to cure bad breath is to increase your oral hygiene routine.

For some people it is as easy as that.  A person who suffers from bad breath might brush their teeth five times a day every day but if they are not doing more then that they are going to continue to loose this battle.

Good oral hygiene is about implementing the right tools and the correct steps to get your mouth really clean.  Haven’t you heard the expression that a dog’s mouth is cleaner then a human’s mouth?  Didn’t believe it?  Well, it’s true!

Although dogs do not brush their teeth like humans do, the human mouth is more likely to carry different types of bacteria then a dog.  You are more likely to get an infection from a human bite then a dog bite.

Good oral hygiene involves brushing, flossing and cleaning of the gums, tongue and cheeks.  Crevices in our mouths are prime real estate for bacteria.  Once they have settled in, leftover particles of food do the job in feeding them.

Would it turn your stomach to learn that the yellow stuff on your teeth know as plaque is the bacteria’s by product? Just getting the plaque off your teeth is not enough.

If you have changed your habits with oral hygiene and you are still suffering from halitosis, you need to see your dentist.  The number three reason that people visit their dentist is to find out how to cure bad breath.

Sometimes bad breath comes from having bad sinuses or from an infection or from complications of your digestive track.  Your dentist will be able to help shed the light on what your problem is and how to fix it.

So before you shell out a ton of money on products that you are not sure will even work, go see someone who knows better.  Get the right advice from the right person.

See your dentist and learn the steps you can take to get on a road to be bad breath free for life. Curing bad breath does not have to be complicated; you only need to do you r part and work at it.


BLIS Fresh Breath Kit with Potent BLIS K12 Oral Probiotics | Clinically Proven Bad Breath and Halitosis Treatment | Contains Mouthwash, Tongue Scraper and Lozenges - 1 Month Supply

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  • A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN REGIME TO FIX BAD BREATH - Bad breath equals bad bacteria in your mouth*. BLIS Fresh Breath Kit targets the root cause with beneficial bacteria from high potency BLIS K12 Oral Probiotics.
  • SIMPLE, NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE - Blis Fresh Breath Kit includes a once weekly mouthwash, a tongue scraper for daily use and a months supply of BLIS K12 lozenges - delivering beneficial bacteria where you need it.
  • BE CONFIDENT IN CLOSE CONTACT - If you're worried about your breath around people and are masking the problem with gums, sprays and regular mouthwashes, then the BLIS Fresh Breath Kit is the perfect solution to free yourself from the problem!
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  • GUARANTEED RESULTS - Use the BLIS Fresh Breath Kit as instructed for a month and if you (and others) don't notice the difference, simply return it for a refund. Enjoy the confidence of Fresh Breath now - Gauranteed!

Oral Dental Probiotics - Bad Breath Treatment Halitosis Tonsil Stone Removal

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  • ALL NATURAL Bad Breath Treatment, Gum, and Tonsil Stone Removal Treatment. Helps "bad" bacteria overgrowth in the mouth.
  • ORAL and DENTAL HEALTH. Put a barrier to cavities, staining, tooth sensitivities and unhealthy gums.
  • REDUCE ORAL HEALTH ISSUES. Formulated with clinically proven oral probiotic strains to promote oral and dental health.
  • QUALITY ingredients in a Daily proprietary blend that combines all the popular and well known NATURAL ingredients in ONE product at a GREAT VALUE .
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BreathRx Starter Kit

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  • BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste (4-oz tube)
  • BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper (2 pak)
  • BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray (2-oz bottle)
  • BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse (8-fl. Oz)

PRO-Dental: Probiotics for Oral & Dental Health—Freshens Breath at Its Source—Top Oral Probiotic Strains Including S. salivarius BLIS K12 & BLIS M18—Sugar Free (Chewable)—45 Day Supply

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  • REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR DENTAL CHECK-UPS. The probiotic strains in PRO-Dental work together to create an environment in the oral cavity that helps lessen the buildup of sticky deposits that can eventually lead to problems. These beneficial strains also help work to crowd out undesirable bacteria, helping to address the root cause of unhealthy gums.
  • REPOPULATE YOUR ORAL MICROBIOME. You might be familiar with your gut microbiome, but did you know that different probiotic strains populate your oral cavity? And, if the balance of good bacteria in your mouth is compromised, dental issues can develop. Even more, poor oral health is often indicative of problems elsewhere in the body. That’s why we created PRO-Dental: so you can proactively support this often-forgotten microbiome!
  • LIVE MORE HEALTHY DAYS. Your mouth is the gatekeeper and the first line of defense when it comes to the microbes that make their way into our bodies. The strains in PRO-Dental are among the most important and beneficial bacteria of the mouth.
  • FRESHEN BREATH AT ITS SOURCE. Did you know that the good bacteria can potentially help keep the bad breath causing bacteria in check? This means that the best long-term solution to freshening breath is to repopulate your oral cavity with the good guys found in PRO-Dental. Typically, we try to hide bad breath with cosmetic products such as mouth rinses, gums, and sprays.
  • MAINTAIN HEALTHY EARS, NOSE, THROAT, AND SINUSES. When your oral microbiome is populated with strong probiotic colonies, you are equipped with natural defenses against common invaders. PRO-Dental is formulated with targeted probiotic strains to replenish the balance of good bacteria and support oral health. Product packaging may vary.

All Natural Bad Breath Treatment ~Dentist Formulated for Gums & Bad Breath~Essential Oil Concentrate Liquid Toothpaste and Mouthwash for Receding Gums~Extra Strength Tooth Oil~83 Page eBook Included!

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  • — A powerful blend of essential oils that naturally targets bacterial overgrowth on your tongue, teeth and gums. Helps to stop bad breath, resulting in healthier gums and fresher breath! It also battles receding gums and plaque build-up. Use as a mouthwash, toothpaste or on your gums after eating. Please know that it is a concentrated formula and so a little goes a long way.
  • — Our proprietary blend of all-natural essential oils is designed to restore your gums and mouth to a healthier state. Our mouth treatment works to kill the bad bacteria while not harming the good bacteria your mouth needs.These drops are super portable
  • & — Gives fresher breath after eating and drinking while providing superior mouth protection naturally. Can be used in place of toothpaste or together with your favorite toothpaste. Can even be directly applied to teeth, gums, and tongue.
  • — OraRestore is 100% FREE of any additives, sugar, gluten and lactose and IS VEGAN. We use a blend of spearmint oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and almond oil with our own proprietary flavoring: all naturally sourced with a specifically researched balance for optimum effectiveness in your mouth.
  • % — Made in a top manufacturing facility in the US. Contains absolutely zero chemicals, glycerine or drying alcohol. Our bad breath treatment for the mouth comes in a special, amber-colored glass bottle to protect and preserve our essential oils. 5 Uses eBooklet included.

NatureWise Oral Health Chewable Probiotics | Supports Healthy Teeth, Gums, Better Breath | Ear, Nose, Throat Immunity for Kids & Adults | Sugar-Free Natural Mint Flavor [2 Month Supply - 50 Tablets]

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  • SCIENCE-BACKED BENEFITS: Featuring 12 oral probiotic strains — 3x more than the leading brand — including BLIS K12 & M18, which are clinically shown to promote dental and upper respiratory health.
  • ADVANCED ORAL PROTECTION: Strong clinical research shows that dental probiotics can help strengthen your natural resistance to invasive organisms that are often responsible for common problems with teeth, gums, and breath.
  • UPPER RESPIRATORY IMMUNITY: Active culture can also influence upper respiratory health. BLIS K12 has been clinically studied in both children and adults and shown to significantly boost ear, nose, and throat immune defenses.
  • NATURAL PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT: Our chewable oral probiotics are non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten-free with a natural, sugar-free mint flavor and no artificial additives, colors, or flavors. All NatureWise supplements are manufactured in USA.
  • GUARANTEED VIABLE: Our shelf-stable probiotic supplements are safe for shipping and guaranteed to remain viable up to the expiration date when stored at a comfortable room temperature, or even longer if refrigerated.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, Mild Mint, 16 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

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  • THERABREATH’S ADA APPROVED FLAGSHIP ORAL RINSE: Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is the premier TheraBreath product introduced by Dr. Katz over 20 years ago. It’s been clinically tested and is one of America’s best-selling specialty oral hygiene treatments.
  • STOPS BAD BREATH – GUARANTEED: This oral rinse neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria and destroys morning breath and food odor. Clinical studies have demonstrated that this product is effective at attacking bad breath odor for up to 24 hours.
  • NO STINGING OR BURNING SENSATION: Dr. Katz’s oral rinse contains no alcohols or artificial flavors, and is certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. It is also pH-balanced to maintain a non-acidic oral environment and avoid tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion.
  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED: Available without a prescription, this dentist recommended oral rinse is formulated with an oxygenating agent that is recognized as safe and effective. Our formula instantly goes to work by directly attacking germs and odors.
  • CLINICAL OXYGENATING MOUTHWASH: TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse has been recommended by pharmacists and dentists for more than 20 years to people concerned about keeping their breath fresh.

Listerine Ready! Tabs Chewable Tablets with Clean Mint Flavor, Revolutionary 4-Hour Fresh Breath Tablets to Help Fight Bad Breath On-the-Go, Sugar-Free, Alcohol-Free & Kosher, 56 ct

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  • 56-count of Listerine Ready! Tabs Chewable Mint Tablets in refreshing Clean Mint flavor provide a revolutionary way to unleash the clean feeling of Listerine on-the-go – anytime, anywhere
  • Ready Tabs work harder than typical gums and breath mints to clean and freshen your mouth. For a totally new experience, chew these fresh breath tablets to activate, swish to clean your whole mouth, swallow and go!
  • Transforms in your mouth from a solid to liquid in seconds, helping fight bad breath and leaving your whole mouth feeling as clean as brushing and rinsing at home
  • Sugar-free, alcohol-free & kosher, these Clean Mint chewable tablets work in seconds and are proven to provide 4 hours of noticeably fresh breath when you need it most
  • Perfect for travel or fighting bad breath on-the-go, use these fresh breath tablets after a meal or coffee, before a meeting, after a flight, or any time you need that “just brushed” feeling

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray, 1 Ounce Bottle

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  • REACHES WHERE NO ORAL RINSE CAN: TheraBreath Fresh Breath Spray uses a specially designed easy-swivel extinguisher spray nozzle to direct our powerful oxygenating formula to the hard-to-reach areas on the back of your tongue and throat, where bad breath bacteria thrive.
  • GUARANTEED FRESH BREATH: TheraBreath Fresh Breath Spray contains the same patented oxygenating formula used in TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse, which is clinically proven to keep your breath fresh for up to 24 hours.
  • DENTIST-FORMULATED: Dr. Katz’s Fresh Breath Spray is dentist-formulated to attack the anaerobic, oxygen-hating bacteria that cause bad breath. These bacteria live in your mouth and on the back of your tongue or deep in your throat, Only TheraBreath Fresh Breath Spray can reach these places and kill the bacteria hiding there.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BREATH SPRAY: This fresh breath spray utilizes the same powerful formula in our TheraBreath PLUS Maximum Strength Oral Rinse. It contains green tea, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and Dr. Katz’s patented oxygenating formula. TheraBreath Fresh Breath Spray is certified kosher, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • ON-THE-GO FRESHNESS: This convenient Fresh Breath Spray easily fits into your purse or pocket. You can remove the nozzle and use it as a quick breath spray for fast acting, long lasting, breath freshening power.

Tongue Scraper Cleaner for Adults Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Metal Tongue Brush Dental Kit Professional Eliminate Bad Breath With Non-synthetic Grip (Set of 2)

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  • Get Rid of Gunk and Bad Breath: Whether you are trying to clear out the white, coated layer on your tongue or maintain better oral hygiene, this effective tongue scrapper has got you covered. Not just that, immediate benefits of scraping your tongue with this device include fresh breath for improved confidence and better overall health
  • 100% Stainless Steel Ensures Improved Taste: This gentle, 100% medical grade tool can keep you plaque free, spruce up your taste buds and help you enjoy every last bite. The tough & sturdy, non-toxic, material is not naturally susceptible to rust or mold, making it super durable and easy to clean - just put it in a dishwasher or opt for gentle hand wash
  • Ergonomic Design for Ease of Use: The 'U' shape curved scrappers are flexible enough to twist and turn, scraping all the corners of your tongue. This personal care essential has been designed by over 50 global professionals to be ultra-smooth and easy to use, for a perfect hygiene formula. It has two non-synthetic handles for good grip and an anti-gagging ridge for back-of-the-mouth cleaning, for a great orthodontic gift
  • Travel-friendly and Better than Plastic: The 2 piece kit has individual small portable cases, making it easy to carry around. You can just keep one at home and another at work. It is a comfortable size for adults (men or women), kids and pets. The high quality stainless steel can be sterilized without any hassle and won't break, unlike cheap plastic alternatives, making this a great self care product
  • Loved by Customers All Over: MasterMedi is a highly regarded brand in dental hygiene. Our products are backed by incredible customer support for guaranteed satisfaction. Use it daily after brush & floss for best results. If for any reason you don't love our tounge cleaner, return them within 30 days - no questions asked. We love to hear your feedback and aim to resolve any issues in a jiffy


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