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Davidoff Classic Cigarette

In the business trip, looking for a filter cigarette that not so strong but perfect enough for smoking.

When transit in one airport, there are a duty-free shop that selling many cigarette, so I pick up one carton of Davidoff Classic Cigarette of 10 packs.

Davidoff Classic Cigarette is a product of the world-famous Davidoff brand, packaged in the elegance flip-top paper box contain of 20 cigarettes with an excellent quality.

Davidoff Classic Carton

Davidoff Classic Cigarette

While waiting the connecting flight, it enough time for smoking in the airport smoking area.  It is nice smoking pairing of Davidoff classic cigarette with a cup of black Americano Coffee.

The Davidoff classic cigarette stick is bold, clearly white wrapped including the filter, smell light tobacco.

From the light-up until finish the flavor and the aroma is perfect, it is creamy and slightly fruity taste, combined the soft and tart taste of a quality of tobacco.

It is quite strong and rich of taste and light flavor, it takes around seven minutes to finish.

Davidoff Classic cigarette are considered to the best tobacco products from the manufacturer.

Believed that the connoisseurs of tobacco in the production line surely appreciate the taste of real tobacco leaves that used for manufacture the products.

Davidoff cigarette is Swiss premium brand that in the category of the most praised and high-quality cigarettes, prestige, good taste and stylishness.

Davidoff Classic Cigarette History

The first Davidoff cigarette, the famous Davidoff Magnum, was created by Zino Davidoff exclusively for true tobacco connoisseurs.

In 1911 as the trademark founder, Zino Davidoff launched his tobacco business in Switzerland, where his family has a tobacco small shop in Geneva.

The first product is a cigars that introduced by Davidoff in 1946, after the Second World War. Zino decide to acquire a license to produce his own series of cigars, the cigars type were named after French wines “Château Latour”.


He gained a success because of his concentrate on an expensive products and his strategy of business.

After Zino being approach by Cubatabaco – Cuba state owned tobacco monopoly – in 1967, Davidoff cigar then rolled in the newly established El Laguito factory in Havana, Cuba, where at the factory also rolled the President Fidel Castro’s personal cigars, Cohiba.

The first cigars carrying the name “Davidoff” released in 1968, which is the best quality cigar in European market, despite the high prices for all of Davidoff products.

The first formats were the No.1, the No. 2, and the Ambassadrice. In 1970, Oettinger AG, Basel, Switzerland acquired the right to the Davidoff trademark, and the new name became Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Davidoff Logo

Over the years Davidoff brands has acquired great goodwill, which result into Imperial Tobacco acquiring all world right of Davidoff cigarettes trademarks from its owner Tchibo Holding AG.

Imperial Tobacco Group and has been the licensed to own and deal with world over Davidoff Cigarette trademark since its acquisition of Reemtsma in 2002.

After success with the cigars, Davidoff producing cigarette and smoker’s accessories. Within the company’s cigarettes portfolio one of the best is Davidoff Classic, which are preferred by smokers from all lifestyles, thanks to Davidoff connoisseurs.

Davidoff Classic cigarette blends is all about best quality selected tobacco leaves and modern packaging, emphasizing every little thing.

One carton = 10 packs. One pack = 20 cigarettes. The cigarette contains of 10 mg Tar, and 0.9 mg Nicotine.


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