Djarum 76 Filter Gold Clove Cigarettes

Djarum 76 Filter Gold is a filtered version from one of most popular non-filter hand-rolled clove cigarette from Djarum, Djarum 76.

The first version of Djarum 76 (non filtered) is a clove cigarette with a unique taste and flavor that very popular for the past some decades.

This time that is a Djarum 76 Filter Gold, a machine-rolled filter clove cigarette that still used a recipe of the initial launch of Djarum 76.

Blended used the best mature tobacco leaves from the highlands of Temanggung cultivation at Central Java, called as Srintil tobacco, and a variety of traditional Indonesian spices – a secret sauce from Djarum.

Djarum 76 itself introduced in 1976 as non-filter hand-rolled clove cigarette, within a short time this clove cigarettes gained many smoker fans surround Indonesian archipelagoes.

The old Djarum 76 non filtered coming with a paper pack in orange gradation into light brown color to the bottom side, contain 10 cigarettes. The flavor and aroma is unique and balance of tobacco mixed with clove.

Djarum 76 Gold Filter

This new generation Djarum 76 Filter Gold clove cigarette available in 12 and 16 stick packages as well as in twin pack form.

The Djarum 76 Filter Gold kretek cigarettes contain 25 mg Tar and 1.6 mg Nicotine, packing in the flip-top cartoon box with dominant light brown color shining, with a number 76 in the center of the box in cream color.

First launched in 2011, maybe it is an alternate of its ‘sister line’ a famous “Djarum Super”.

Djarum 76 Gold

When the box opened, it raised a smell of its tobacco mixed with clove, a specific aroma.  The cigarette is bold, wrapped in with cigarette paper with a light brown wrapped filter color.

Take out one of the cigarette, it is bold and perfect shape, then light up and the first puff it will smell of specific Djarum blend of clove and tobacco.

The first flavor is rather sweet, a little bit spicy, and earthy. As a filter cigarette, the taste is lighter than the original Djarum 76 kretek.

After one-third of smoking, the flavor become more bit strong, sweet and spicy still dominant, while the burn is consistent.

Fruity flavor started to feel, and rather warm in the mouth. It is true that this cigarette is not just about the initial flavor or unique aromatic taste, but also the consistency of clove cigarette product developments. It is proof by this Djarum 76 Filter.

Djarum 76 Gold

The last two-third until finish, the sweet-fruity and attractive spicy mixed, especially in the lips area, but that is no strong force into the throat.

It is – according to us as an Asian – not strong clove cigarette and it is recommended for daily smoking.

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