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Djarum 76 Review

Djarum 76 introduced in 1976 by PT. Djarum, Indonesia. The strong and delicious flavor from this clove cigarettes is coming from the ancient secret recipe.

This cigarette is made of two different types of tobacco along with natural spices. One of them is the best tobacco in Indonesia known as Srintil tobacco.

The tobacco is harvested from Temanggung in which it is the place to produce the best tobacco in Indonesia and the world.

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Djarum 76

Djarum wants to keep the strength of the natural tobacco fragrance by limiting the use of enhancer ingredients. Moreover, this 76 Djarum is also a handmade cigarette kretek which covered by the white paper.

Another strong character of Djarum 76 is the package. The package is eye-catching along with the mix of yellow, gold, and red. The 76 logo is big enough so smokers can easily see this product in the store.

Djarum 76

The package is also strong enough made of a cartoon to keep the quality of the cigarettes. When you open the package, you will see plastic and it gives extra protection to the cigarettes.

Each of the packages contains 10, 12, 16, Filter Gold, and Twin Pack. The option makes smokers can easily choose the best package they want to buy.

The size of Djarum 76 cigarette kretek is similar to the other cigarette kretek products. The design is simple without losing its elegant.

76 Djarum

You will see tobacco rolled with a white paper. The burn area is designed using a printed logo which is the brand of the cigarette.

Djarum 76 Review

When you smoke Djarum 76 kretek cigarette, you will taste spicy sensation. The spicy sensation is coming from high-quality tobacco and a variety of Indonesian spices. You can also smell a fruity aroma while smoking this cigarette.

This is because Djarum 76 clove cigarettes is also made with fruit essences such as pineapple, berries, thorny palm, and jackfruit.

Djarum Seventy Six

It adds fresh flavor and smell while burning and smoking the cigarette. You might taste sweet and it comes from an ingredient known as licorice.

Djarum 76 kretek is also made of high-quality cloves to balance the strong flavor and smell. It has a smooth harshness and throat hit.

Along with great solidity, Djarum 76 has a longer burning level than any other cigarette kretek.

You can smoke this cigarette kretek comfortably without disturbing by tobacco pieces in your mouth. Because of these characters, Djarum 76 is perfect for smokers who love to enjoy cigarette kretek while drinking coffee, talking with friends or family, or snacking.

Djarum 76 Gold

You might feel a little bit acid after smoking this kretek cigarettes. The acid taste is because of the quality of the tobacco.

Sometimes, the sensation seems weird, especially for first-time smokers. The combination of great flavor, eye-catching package, and affordable price make Djarum 76 kretek becomes one of the most popular cigarette kretek products in Indonesia.

Smokers will get a natural taste from the natural ingredients. You can taste the original flavor of the ingredients such as the taste of tobacco, clove, and any spices in the cigarette.

It produces minty, fruity, sweet, and savory flavor from the beginning of smoking until the end.

You will smell the natural fragrance from the first time you open the package. The great fragrance boosts your interest to smoke this cigarettes right away.

Overall, this Djarum products is of of a great cigarette kretek sold in Indonesia. Smokers who want to try something new and get great smoking sensation can try this cigarette kretek.

Djarum 76 05

The 5 options give enough alternative so you can choose the best package you want to enjoy every day.

The most important thing is that smokers can find Djarum 76 easily so they can always smoke this cigarette anytime and anywhere they want.

Djarum 76 Review
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Djarum 76 Review
Djarum 76 introduced in 1976. The strong and delicious flavor from this Djarum 76 clove cigarettes is coming from the ancient secret recipe.
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