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Djarum Bali Hai Review

Starting with a curiosity of filtered clove cigars, I buy Djarum Bali Hai filtered cigars  through an online shop.

This Bali Hai filtered cigars is packing in the paper box consists of 12 cigarette filter. The tobacco blend wrapped with a light brown cigarette paper.

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Djarum Bali Hai Filtered Cigars Review

When the Bali Hai filtered cigars box is opened the smell of tobacco and spicy of sauce comes up, feel warm at nose.

Smooth when light-up it is not like a kretek cigarette that hear a sound of crackling, in the Djarum Bali Hai clove cigar is no sound like that, it seem to be like we light up the Captain Black Little Cigar Classic.

Bali Hai Clove Cigars
Djarum Bali Hai Cigar

Smooth burning and the first puffing it taste of spicy sweet of mixed tobacco, clove and sauce. Smell is as good as the flavor, and not so strong.

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Djarum Bali Hai is a filtered little cigar produced by PT. Djarum, Kudus, Indonesia. This machine-roll cigarette made uses of blended sliced Sumatran tobacco leaves, selected quality dried cloves, secret sauce of Djarum, that blend create rich of flavor and a spicy taste.

Bali Hai, Diarum Bali Hai, Bali Hai Cigar, Bali Hai Clove Cigars
Djarum Cigars

Djarum Bali Hai Filtered Cigars

Even for the beginner of cigar smoker, this Bali Hai cigars is perfect contender, given an experience of flavored smoke, spicy and a little bit complex taste.

But for the cigar smoker, this Bali Hai filter cigar is light, smooth and consistent of burn.

The aroma of Sumatran tobacco is good, and also the spicy from the clove is not so strong like a clove kretek cigarettes.

It is recommended to try. And you will have a new experience on filtered cigar cigarette.

Djarum Bali Hai clove cigars available in the Online shops and the price also fair enough comparing with the taste and experience.

The cigarette more smooth, lighter and mellow than Djarum Black and easier to smoke and giving a delightful smoking experience.

I think Djarum as a producer has a priority for export of this cigarette, because that is not so easy to by at a local kiosk in Indonesia.  It is easy to by at the online shops.

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Others export version Djarum clove cigarettes are, Djarum Splash, Djarum Special, Djarum Black, Djarum Mild, Djarum Forte, Djarum Super.

General From Manufacturer

The unique flavor of Djarum cigarettes has captured the imagination of a growing international audience.

Our overseas market is projected to grow rapidly, aided by the focused development of appropriate products.

Bali Hai Cigarette
Djarum Bali Hai Clove Cigarettes (not cigar version) with Djarum Splash Clove Cigarette

Djarum has been exporting its products to markets around the world since 1972. Their integrated distribution network, supported by their international partners, ensures accurate and on time delivery.

Key export markets include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Far East, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, and the United States where we now hold 70 percent of the kretek market.

Have you trie Djarum Bali Hai clove cigars? Leave your comments..

Djarum Bali Hai
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Djarum Bali Hai
Starting with a curiosity of filtered clove cigars, I buy Djarum Bali Hai clove cigars  through an online shop. This Bali Hai filtered cigars is amazing!
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