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Djarum Black Cappuccino Review

Djarum Black Cappuccino is internationally recognized for its blend of the finest tobacco leaves, selected aged cloves and special secret sauce from Djarum connoisseur, in unique Cappuccino fragrance.

Djarum Black line is a filtered clove cigarette known for its spicy, bold taste and has a complexity of aroma.

The finest natural-grown tobacco and cloves are combined with a specially designed concoction of additional enhancements to create its distinctive spicy punch.

Djarum Black Regular was the first clove cigarette to feature a black paper wrapper.

Djarum Black Cappucino

Djarum Black Cappuccino History

A series of Djarum Black is an innovation PT. Djarum that base in Kudus precinct in Central Java, Indonesia, that first launching in 2001.

It is started with Djarum Black Regular continuing with the other innovation that including this Djarum Black Cappuccino.

Djarum Black Cappuccino is the first cappuccino flavored clove cigarette, bold, smooth rich of flavor and nice aroma, it has 25 mg of Tar and 1.6 mg Nicotine.

Machines rolled of selected ingredient giving slowly savored for lasting pleasure of smokers.

Djarum Black Cappucino

Launched in 2004, Djarum Black Cappuccino gained a good response from the market, each stick features a distinctive black paper wrapper.

The blend perfectly giving a warm cappuccino taste, combine with a tobacco and cloves spicy warm.

Djarum Black Cappuccino Review

The cigarettes packaging in stylish box contain of 16 stick, the box in black color with the side and bottom in gold color framing.

The words of BLACK in bold white except the letter A is red triangle, it is looks sophisticated and fancy.

Djarum Black Cappucino Logo

Djarum Black Cappucino cigarette stick wrapped in white color cigarette paper with BLACK written on it, and cream color wrapping filter, different with the traditional Djarum Black that all wrapper in black color.

When the stick take out from the box and smell it before it burn, it is an aroma of coffee and tobacco, a little bit earthy of finest tobacco aroma.

When the cigarette light-up, the first puff will giving a spicy of clove, cappuccino coffee, fruity and earthy will felt in the mouth, a little hit-throat.

It is soft and mild, the complexity of flavor and aroma with a consistent of burn during one-third phase of smoking, also a warm of clove coming slowly.

Two-third into finish, the coffee of cappuccino taste still dominant beside the other flavor, the aroma also unique.


The stick become warmer than before, finally it giving a new experience of smoking. Djarum’s gained success with this blend, it is able gave a sensation of smoking in the different taste of clove cigarette.

As a cigarette factory with long journey experience, Djarum Black Cappuccino is an innovation of clove cigarette ever.

To remain the company reputation, Djarum is the brand of traditional clove cigarette producer in Kudus precinct in Central Java, established on April 21, 1951, nine month after the company and brand license purchased by Mr. Oei Wie Gwan.


Kudus precinct become famous as the birthplace of clove (kretek) cigarettes.


Nowadays, PT. DJARUM has produced not only cigarettes, but also cigar and cigarillos. With their innovation and strength of company’s tobacco connoisseur, they has launched many type of quality clove cigarettes, both unfiltered and filtered. And the market not only in Indonesia, but also spreading all around the world.

Pics: Djarum/Bukalapak/Hitcigars

Djarum Black Cappuccino Review
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Djarum Black Cappuccino Review
Djarum Black Cappuccino is the first cappuccino flavored clove cigarette, bold, smooth rich of flavor and nice aroma, it has 25 mg of Tar and 1.6 mg Nic
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