Djarum Black Cigars Review

Cigarettes are endless to be talked about. It is because there are a lot of smokers and smoking a cigarette seems to be a lifestyle today.

Moreover, there are also a bunch of cigarettes kinds in the market. And one of the most popular clove cigar is Djarum Black Cigars.

Djarum Black Cigars
Black Cigar

Djarum Black Cigars is produced by PT. Djarum, one of the leading cigarettes manufacturers in Indonesia.

Even though the manufacturer (Djarum) is originally from Indonesia, Djarum Black Cigars is very famous and popular all around the world as well.

This product is just like a primadonna of cigarettes that is well-known in some countries because of its black cigars uniqueness.

Black Cigars
Djarum Black Cigars

Smoking Djarum Black Cigars is like smoking a cigar in the form of cigarillo. It does not contain cloves because kretek is forbidden in some country.

It can be said that Djarum Black clove cigarettes is the legend of the cigarette world in Indonesia. Djarum Black is the first cigarette product, especially in Indonesia, which uses black papir.

But in overseas, this Djarum Black product uses Homogenized Tobacco Leaf or HTL. It is a cigarette paper made from tobacco as the basic ingredient.

Djarum Black Filtered Cigars
Djarum Black Filtered Cigars

So, Djarum Black Cigars has the genuine taste and aroma of tobacco. Launched in 2010, Djarum Black Cigars offers uncommon innovation. The level of tar is more than 20 mg with a slim shape.

Black Cigars is actually a cigar product in the form of cigarillo that is purposed to be exported.

So, it is not surprising that there are not many Indonesians who smoke this black cigarette.

With the adjustment of cigar taste which tends to be accepted by many people, especially overseas consumers, Djarum Cigars can survive because there are many smokers who like the unique taste offered by the product.

There are not many cigarette products which offer a cinnamon flavor as the dominant flavor just like Djarum Black Cigars.

This is one of the reasons why this black cigarette product is unique among other cigarette products.

Djarum Black Classic Cigars
Djarum Black Classic, natural leaf cigars

The original Djarum Black clove cigarettes is indeed manufactured as the cigarette of creative people.

It is represented with the presence of Black Innovation Awards which is held every year as well as website that is the main promotion portal of this cigarette product.

In this case, Djarum Cigars is purposed more for middle to upper-class consumers which need a cigarette with a creative concept.

Djarum Black Cigars is very popular overseas because overseas people tend to look for a unique cigarette product with an exotic impression.

This is why this black cigarette product can survive up to now. A pack of Djarum Black Cigars consists of 16 cigarettes that you can enjoy.

Filtered Clove Cigars
Djarum Black Filtered Clove Cigars

Djarum Black Cigars Design

The package of the cigar uses black as the dominant color in order to represent the name. The black color is combined with red, gold, and white. There is also the logo of Djarum Black in the package.

There are words of export quality in the package in order to explain that the cigarette product has the same quality of exported products made by PT. Djarum.

The package of this cigarette is simple yet has selling value.

The inner frame of Djarum Black Cigars is also in black. While the foil part is in light gold with a triangle in dark gold. The triangle element is the logo of Djarum Black, anyway.

When you open the foil, it can be clearly seen that the cigarettes are also in black. There are 8 cigarettes in front and 8 cigarettes in the back so that 16 cigarettes in total are packed.

Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes
Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes


The cigarette itself has the same diameter and length just like other LTLN cigarettes in common. It is not too long and has a slim diameter.

The papir of Djarum Black Cigars is also in black with no burning area. The burning area is probably already united with the papir. There is also a logo of Djarum Black in the tipping paper.

Clove Cigars
Djarum Black Cigars

Djarum Black Cigars Taste Review

When it is burnt, Djarum Black Cigars offers a spicy sensation with a hint of peppermint. The hint of peppermint tends to strengthen in the second further suction.

There is also a little bit of fruity sensation because of the use of lychee essence. Djarum Black Cigars tends to offer a low sweet intensity.

Djarum Black Cigar Review
Djarum Black cigarettes

So, it can be said that this kretek cigarette is less sweet compared to other Djarum’s cigarette products.

When you smoke this cigarette more deeply, you will be able to taste a little bit of vanilla sensation. The spicy sensation of Djarum Black Cigars is dominated by a cinnamon taste.

You will hardly taste a warming sensation. It is because this kretek cigarette product is intentionally created for overseas smokers who want to try the real kretek sensation that can be accepted.

Djarum Black Cigars is rich in a tobacco flavor. It offers a strong nutty sensation because it is dominated by oriental tobacco.

But there is also local Virginia tobacco that is able to create a smooth and characterized impression which is the selling value of this black cigarette.

Djarum Black Cigars is suitable for you who want kretek filter cigarettes with smooth intensity. It can be said that this cigarette does not cause any throat hit.

It will not make your throat uncomfortable. Instead, it offers a soft and smooth sensation in your throat.

The burning duration of Djarum Black Cigars is around 10 minutes to 11 minutes. It depends on how much you smoke it.

For a cigarette with 25 mg of tar level, this black cigarette has a pretty quick burning duration.

So, Djarum Black Cigars is suitable for you who prefer kretek cigarettes with a quick burning duration and strong sensation.

The tipping paper of this black cigarette product is better than other Djarum’s cigarette products.

But when you smoke it close to the tipping paper, you will be able to taste a chemical flavor sensation. Some of you will probably not like it.

Djarum Clove Cigars
Djarum Cigars

With a different and unique taste, innovative cigarettes, and a burning duration that is suitable for urban people, Djarum Black Cigars is the right choice for you who need a cigarette with a modern and dynamic impression.

It is also a great option for you who prefer a cigarette with a minimum sweet taste.

Djarum Black Cigars Review
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Djarum Black Cigars Review
Djarum Black Cigars is produced by Djarum, even though the manufacturer is originally from Indonesia, Djarum Black Cigars is very famous and popular
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