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Upon hearing the name Djarum Black, Indonesian people would definitely be familiar with this Djarum cigarette variants with black display which has special attraction for consumers.

Besides that, Djarum Black (Black Clove) is famous for its many variants and its uniqueness which distinguishes it from other brands.

(This is Djarum Black clove cigarettes (kretek version) and it’s not Djarum Black Cigar version. Click here for Djarum Black Cigar version).

Djarum Black Variants

Existing Djarum Black Clove Cigarette Variants

Since its emergence in 2001, Djarum has widened its horizon, specifically for the Djarum Black clove segment.

Sadly, out of the many variants produced by Djarum, Djarum Black clove cigarette variants began to disappear from the market until only 4 variants of Djarum Black are left:

  1. Djarum Black Original
  2. Djarum Black Cappuccino
  3. Djarum Black Menthol and
  4. Djarum Black Mild

The withdrawn products from Djarum Black clove cigarettes series in Indonesian market, are:

  1. Djarum Black Tea,
  2. Djarum Black Slimz,
  3. Djarum Black Cherry,
  4. Djarum Black Vanilla

Djarum Black Variants

Black clove names like Djarum Black Cappuccino, Djarum Black Tea, Djarum Black Cherry and Djarum Black Menthol are familiar among Indonesian smokers.

Especially for the Black Cappuccino and Black Tea variants with cappuccino and tea aroma who became stars in the mid 2005-2007.

This phenomena affected local smokers into trying these Djarum Black variants. Nevertheless, throughout the years, Djarum Black variants gradually began to be withdrawn from the Indonesian market because of a decline in sales figures.

First launched in 2001, Djarum Black was the first clove cigarettes in the world that used black papyrus.

Cigarette Black

Compared to cigarettes other available cigarettes in the market which incidentally used white papyrus, Djarum created innovation by using black papyrus on Djarum Black.

This cigarette is famous for its unique taste. The combination of cinnamon and fruity flavor makes this cigarette consumable for foreign smokers who were not accustomed to clove cigarettes.

However, domestic smokers are also interested in Djarum Black clove cigarettes.

This cigarette is aimed at modern smokers who are creative and unique.

One step at a time, Djarum released several variants that had the reputation of being “Legendary” cigarettes in the current years.

Djarum Black Original

Djarum Black Original

This variant is the earliest variant issued by Djarum and became the trendsetter in 2001. Its black color distinguishes it from other cigarettes on the market at the time.

With the also black wrapper makes this cigarette look sophisticated, modern and bold. Containing high-quality original Indonesian tobacco, this cigarette offers an experience of smoking clove which is rather unique.

Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

A combination of cinnamon aroma, spicy sensation and fruity flavor are very fitting. Having a tar content of 32 mg and nicotine 1.8 mg categorized this cigarette in the middle class with a burn duration of between 10-11 minutes.

This cigarette is suitable for those of you who are happy with a fast burn rate cigarette accompanied with exceptional sensation.

Djarum Black Cappuccino

Djarum Black Cappuccino

The Djarum Black Cappuccino variant is one of the Djarum Black variants favored by Indonesian people and is given status as the ‘Legendary’ cigarettes.

Since it was first produced in 2004, Djarum Black Cappuccino still survives on the cigarette market today.

This cigarette is famous as the first clove cigarette with a special aroma in Indonesia. Cappuccino is considered to fit the character of Djarum Black, which is flavorful cinnamon with fruity elements that are not too dominant.

Not only that, Djarum Black Cappuccino also bears the title as a cigarette with a scent The world’s first cappuccino.

But despite being labeled “Black”, Djarum Black Cappuccino use white papir and brown filters close to the color cappuccino.

Djarum Black Mild

Djarum Black Mild

The third variant is Djarum Black Mild. First appeared in 2012, this cigarette offered Double Filter technology.

This technology was created for smokers who want to feel the sensation of smoking typical clove cigarettes but with lower level of tar.

This cigarette contains 10 mg of tar and 0.8 Mg of nicotine, making it easier to be smoked but still has cinnamon and a slight taste of spiciness.

Djarum Black Menthol

Djarum Black Menthol

The latter variant is the Djarum Black Menthol, first launched in the year 2009 which offered a menthol sensation in Djarum Black.

This cigarette is suitable for you smokers who want a cold sensation in smoking Djarum Black. With black packaging and dark green accents wrapping, Djarum Black Menthol display a strong character.

Containing 16 sticks per pack of cigarettes it contains 25 Mg tar and 1.6 Mg nicotine. The weakness of this cigarette is the price, quite expensive for the filter clove cigarette segment, which is Rp. 20,000.

Djarum Black Tea Cigarettes

Djarum Black Tea

Besides Djarum Black Cappuccino there is Djarum Black Tea and Black Cherry but have now been withdrawn from the market because they are not so sell in United States.

Djarum black tea clove cigarettes is experience the unique tea flavor blend with select clove and tobacco for a refreshing taste which bring exitement in smoking pleasure.

Variants of Djarum Black clove cigarettes are variants that already have their respective markets and will still survive in the cigarette industry today.

The four variants above are highly unique cigarettes that creates strong image of Djarum Black cigarettes for its loyal followers, especially modern and creative young people as the main segment.

image: Flickr Rokok Indonesia

Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes Variants
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