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Djarum Cigarettes

Some of Djarum products sold in Indonesia

PT. Djarum, or better known as Djarum, is one of the largest and most reputable cigarette companies in Indonesia.

PT. Djarum is the third-largest cigarette factory in Indonesia, after PT. HM. Sampoerna, Tbk. (Own by Philip Morris International), and PT. Gudang Garam, Tbk.

Then followed by British American Tobacco (BAT) Indonesia, and PT. Nojorono Tobacco. (source: Statista)

Smoking Indonesia Statistics
Cigarette manufacturer market share, source: TheConversation.Com

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Djarum Factory
Djarum Oasis Kretek Factory, Kudus, Indonesia.

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Besides its immense reputation, Djarum brands fill many recesses of the kretek cigarette market compared to other cigarette factories.

Djarum which is based in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia, has 75,000 employees. In 2017, Djarum sold 58.8 billion cigarettes. (Source: Kompas)

Djarum OasisAside from producing a lot of well-known kretek (clove) cigarette products both in the home country and abroad, Djarum has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) named Djarum Foundation.

The role of Djarum’s Corporate Social Responsibility has a great social impact in Indonesia.

It makes Djarum increasingly known in Indonesia, not only as a cigarette producer.

Djarum Foundation, through the Djarum Badminton program that has been carried out since 1969, successfully contributed to numerous world badminton champions such as Liem Swie King, Hariyanto Arbi, Lius Pongoh, Ivana Lie, etc.

Juara All England

Along with another program such as Djarum Trees for Life, Djarum has planted more than 2,200,200 Rain trees (Samanea Saman) in a length of 2,200 kilometers in Indonesia.

Djarum Foundation is also actively participated in the education field through vocational school programs and educational scholarships (Djarum Beasiswa Plus program).

In the case of cigarettes itself, compared to other cigarette companies, Djarum is a grossing Indonesian cigarette company that has various products sold abroad.

Djarum Cigarette

Djarum Cigarette

Compared to other cigarette companies, Djarum produces many well-known brands. Besides being reputable in Indonesia, many of their brands are also well-known abroad.

Many do not know, Djarum has many products that are only sold abroad but are not available in Indonesia.

Brands like Djarum Splash, Djarum Bali Hai, Djarum Special, Djarum Mild, etc. widely known abroad, but unfamiliar in Indonesia.

Djarum Splash
Djarum Splash & Djarum Bali Hai

There are also Djarum products, which are sold and well-known abroad, are also well-known and widely liked in Indonesia such as Djarum Black, Djarum Super or Djarum Forte.

Maybe this is a diversification of the market from Djarum cigarette products. It is because the characteristics of smokers in Indonesia are different from the characteristics of smokers abroad.

Indonesian smokers prefer cigarettes with heavy ingredients (nicotine content above 1.8 mg and tar above 20 mg). The content of cigarettes like this, may not be liked by people from other countries.

Kretek Cigarette Nicotine
Kretek cigarette nicotine & tar (not all kretek have high nicotine and tar)

Because of this, many Djarum cigarette products sold abroad have low tar and nicotine content.

Although there are kretek cigarettes with high contents of nicotine and tar, not all clove cigarettes in Indonesia have high tobacco residue and nicotine content.

These days, many Indonesian kretek cigarettes have low levels of nicotine and tar because young smokers (20 – 35 yrs) in Indonesia are currently preferred lighter cigarettes (nicotine contents up to 1.8 mg and tar for 20 mg)

Indonesia Cigarette Nicotine
Indonesian cigarette nicotine content compare with Marlboro or Lucky Strike

In adjusting to the international market, Djarum made many innovations in delivering new cigarette products. One of the most popular innovations is the Djarum Black clove cigarette.

Djarum Black can be said as the first cigarette that uses black cigarette wrapping paper on his cigarette. This innovation resulted in a new designation for Djarum Black to become Black Cigarette.

Black Cigarettes Review

Another innovation was implemented when kretek cigarettes were banned in America because they were included in the flavored cigarette category. (source: Icstd.Org)

Although Djarum filled complaints through WTO (World Trade Organization), the Americans still did not lift the ban on selling clove cigarettes there. (source: Jakarta Post)

At that time, Djarum cigarettes were quite popular in America.

Djarum Super, Djarum Black, Djarum Splash, Djarum Special, and Djarum Bali Hai kretek cigarettes are quite acceptable to the American market.

Even the famous artist Selena Gomez, was found smoking a Djarum Super at the time.

Selena Gomez Djarum Super
source: Daily Mail

Because of the ban, Djarum kretek cigarettes cannot be traded in America, because kretek cigarettes are categorized as flavored cigarettes.

Finally, these brands were missing from the American market.

To accommodate the demand of clove cigarette enthusiast and American consumers for Djarum products, Djarum launched innovations by creating filtered cigar and clove cigars.

Simply put, this type of cigarette is a combination of cigarettes, clove cigarettes (clove kretek) and, cigars.

Djarum Cigarettes Type

Even though the principle is the same, Djarum kretek cigarettes can have a slight difference from one region to another.

This Djarum brand of cigarettes has a lot of sub-brands that you can choose from. Djarum  cigarettes products devide in 3 category:

  • Clove Cigarettes
    • Filtered (machine rolled cigarette or SKM (Sigaret Kretek Mesin))
    • Non filtered (hand rolled cigarette or SKT (Sigaret Kretek Tangan))
  • Cigar
    • Filter Cigar
    • Clove Cigar
  • Cigarillo
Djarum Products
Some of Djarum products sold in Indonesia

Clove Cigarettes

Clove cigarettes is more complicated to manufacture than other kinds of cigarettes.

Besides the tobacco and cloves, of which Indonesia produces some of world’s best, the taste of each cigarettes brand is determined by a carefully-guarded special ingredients which is added during the production process and which varies from cigarette to cigarette.

A single clove cigarettes blend may use over 30 types of different tobacco to achieve the perfect balance, while the special ingredients may use up to 100 ingredients or aroma. More about clove cigarettes here..

Filtered Cigars


Filtered Cigars

Filtered cigars are cigars with filters like those used in cigarettes. So, the filtered cigars are cigars and also cigarettes. It is categorized as a cigar that is wrapped in tobacco leaves, yet it has the size and characteristics of cigarettes.

The difference with cigars or cigarillos wrapped in tobacco leaves, filtered cigars are wrapped with tobacco which has processed into paper-thin (HTL, Homogenized Tobacco Leaf) to be wrapped in filtered cigars.

Clove Cigars

Clove cigars are the fusion of cigar and kretek cigarettes. Similarly to a filtered cigar, the type of cigarette is categorized as a cigar because it is a tobacco product wrapped in tobacco leaves (HTL) and also has the size and characteristics of an ordinary cigarette.

The main difference is that clove cigars contain clove concoction, as in the clove cigarette products.

Because of these innovations, kretek cigarettes products that were once sold in the US were again present in the type of Filtered Cigars or Clove Cigars.


Djarum Cigarillos
Cigarillos from Djarum


So, if you used to like Djarum Black, Djarum Special or Djarum Super kretek cigarettes, etc., maybe this time you will feel Djarum Black tasted different, it’s because Djarum Black clove cigarettes that you used to smoke, transformed into Djarum Black filtered cigar.

As the result of Djarum Splash, Djarum Special, Djarum Bali Hai, Djarum Special or Djarum Mild kretek cigarettes are not available in Indonesia, you cannot find that taste anymore. It is the cause of discontinued production.

Only Djarum Black and Djarum Super which tastes the same that you can enjoy again because these products are sold in Indonesia.

Of course, this can only be obtained if you order or buy directly in Indonesia.

Djarum Cigarettes
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