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Djarum Cigarillos Review

Around 1990, Djarum began to enter the cigar market by concocting several types of tobacco and selected cloves which were later mixed into Djarum Cigarillos, the first cigar brand from Djarum.

Then we will start with the price. The price offered for this type of cigar is only $ 0,7 for 6 cigarettes (very cheap for quality cigars like this). In terms of price, I give a value of 9 out of 10.

Then we go straight to the packaging:

Djarum Cigarillos
Djarum Cigarillos

In terms of packaging, Djarum Cigarillos will be 8 out of 10. It really illustrates the clarity of this cigar. Also seen by the presence of Djarum Cigarillos clove cigarettes, this cigar is a clove cigar.

This type is quite developed abroad, especially in the European and United States markets.

This cigar has six sticks inside, and all of them use plastic wrap to keep the taste and aroma of the cigar in order to remain enjoyable.

Djarum Cigarillos Pack
Djarum Cigar, image: irwan mbahe

Djarum Cigarillos Cigar

Then we pull one of the six cigars. In this cigar, there is a “factory mark” in the form of the slippery paper with the Djarum Cigarillos logo.

This indicates the cigar is entered into the type of premium cigar, although the price is not so premium. After we open the package, let’s taste this Djarum cigar.

Buy Djarum Cigarillos

You can see the kretek element from clove crackling and its aroma. The taste of this cigar is a combination of earthy, fruity, coffee, and cocoa which is quite balanced. The aroma generated from this cigarillo is also quite delicious.

Because this cigar only has a tar level of 12 mg, when pulled it will feel a throat hit, but very smooth.

It’s quite filling up, and there’s no need to add it quickly. Burning is very slow, most delicious with black coffee.

Rokok Djarum Cigarillos

Djarum Cigarillos Taste

For the taste, the value will be a solid 9 out of 10.After we look at the packaging, physical form and packaging,  We can give a value of 8.6 out of 10. It means that the most interesting value is in the taste that is quite unique.

But the weakness of this Djarum cigar is its distribution is less evenly distributed. Djarum Cigarillos only available in certain shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets only.

Without many knowing that there are many Government-owned Tobacco Plantations booked by a foreign cigar company to make top-notch cigars expensive for European and American markets.

In essence, cigar in this world is not only controlled by Cuba, but our country also has a significant role in producing top-quality cigar and ironically, even though in the country outside the quality of our cigar tobacco considered good, but here the cigar is not considered at all because cigar couldn’t compete with kretek. Cigars are only stepchildren inside the country.

Djarum Cigarillos Review
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Djarum Cigarillos Review
The taste of this Djarum Cigarillos is a combination of earthy, fruity, coffee, and cocoa which is quite balanced, Djarum Cigarillos most delicious with black coffee.
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Smoking Room
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