Djarum Clove Cigarettes

Djarum clove cigarettes are one of the most popular brands of clove cigarettes in Indonesia besides Dji Sam Soe 234, Gudang Garam, and Wismilak.

If you are a smoker, and even though you are not, you must be already familiar with the name of PT. Djarum.

As you probably already know, PT. Djarum is one of the leading kretek cigarettes or clove cigarettes manufacturers in Indonesia.

Djarum Factory
Djarum Factory Headquarter (image:

In addition to their many popular products on the market, in Indonesia they also take part in a variety of corporate social responsibility activities.

It’s no secret that Indonesia’s badminton achievements in the world are also widely supported by Djarum Badminton.

Not to mention the support of the Djarum Foundation in planting more than 2.200 km of tamarind trees in Java, Indonesia in their Djarum Trees For Life program.

Djarum Tree
Tamarind Tree by Djarum Foundation (image:

Djarum have planted more than 2.200.000 trees along 2.200 km in Indonesia, 80.000 mangrove trees on the north coast of Java and many more.

Djarum is also active in educational scholarships, through their program Djarum Beasiswa Plus.

Djarum Clove Cigarettes

Djarum Products
Djarum clove cigarettes products

Even though the principle is the same, Djarum kretek cigarettes can have a slight difference from one region to another.

This Djarum brand of cigarettes has a lot of sub-brands that you can choose from. Djarum clove cigarettes products devide in 3 category:

  • Cigarette
  • Cigarillo
  • Cigar

Djarum Clove Cigarette Brands (Domestic)


  • Djarum Super
  • Djarum Super Mild
  • Djarum Super MLD Black
  • Djarum Black
  • Djarum Black Cappucinno
  • Djarum Black Menthol
  • Djarum Black Mild
  • LA Lights
  • LA Menthol
  • LA Ice
  • LA Bold
  • Djarum 76
  • Djarum 76 Filter
  • Djarum 76 Filter Gold
  • Djarum Coklat
  • Djarum Coklat Filter
  • Djarum Coklat Extra
  • Djarum Special


  • Djarum Cigarillos
  • Djarum Dos Hermanos

Djarum Clove Cigarettes

Djarum Clove Cigarettes (International Brands)


  • Djarum Super
  • LA Lights
  • LA Menthol
  • Djarum Menthol Hyperburst
  • Djarum Classic
  • Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes
  • Djarum Black Menthol
  • Djarum Black Kretek Menthol
  • Djarum Black Tea
  • Djarum Black Amber
  • Djarum Black Mint Tea
  • Djarum Black Mint
  • Djarum Black Ice
  • Djarum Black Amethyst
  • Djarum Black Supersmooth
  • Djarum Black Supersmooth Menthol
  • Djarum Black Mild
  • Djarum Special
  • Djarum Cherry
  • Djarum Ruby
  • Djarum Vanilla
  • Djarum Gold
  • Djarum Menthol
  • Djarum Bali Hai
  • Djarum Splash


  • Djarum Black
  • Djarum Black Ruby
  • Djarum Black Ivory
  • Djarum Black Saphire
  • Djarum Black Silver
  • Djarum Special
  • Djarum Bali Hai
  • Djarum Splash
  • Djarum Select
  • Djarum Black Grande
  • Djarum Special Grande
  • Djarum Natural Leaf Classic
  • Djarum Natural Leaf Ruby
  • Djarum Natural Leaf Ivory
  • Djarum Natural Leaf Royal
  • Djarum Puro
  • Djarum Puro Cherry
  • Djarum Puro Vanilla
  • Gold Seal Senoritas
  • Gold Seal Cigarillos


  • Djarum Super Kretek Filter Cigarillos
  • Djarum Special Kretek Filter Cigarillos
  • Djarum Spice Islands
  • Djarum Sigarillo
  • Djarum Sigarillo Cherry
  • Djarum Sigarillo Vanilla
  • Supremo X Original
  • Supremo X Blue
  • Djarum Black Kretek Filter Cigarillos
  • Djarum Black Ruby Kretek Filter Cigarillos

Are Cloves Cigars Worse Than Cigarettes?

Same with other cigarettes, whether it is cigarettes, clove cigarettes, clove cigars or cigars, all tobacco products contain nicotine and tar which are harmful to health.

A Marlboro Red contains 13 mg of tar 1.0 mg nicotine. Djarum Black cigarettes have a 12 mg tar and 1 mg nicotine as the pack suggests.

The level of tar and nicotine in these cigarettes are quite similar to many other favored cigarettes brand.

This level of tar and nicotine are only available in Djarum Black cigarettes that are being sold in the United States, Europe, and South American countries.

In Indonesia, the level of tar and nicotine in a Djarum Black cigarette is rather higher, which are 25 mg of tar and 1.6 mg of nicotine.

Djarum Black Rokok Kretek

This is probably because of the different regulations on cigarettes within different countries and the fact that Indonesia is the manufacturer of this kind of cigarettes.

The health effects of these clove cigarettes are actually similar to the effects of regular non-clove cigarettes.

It is also important for people who have an allergy to cloves to be very cautious before trying this type of cigarette.

Djarum Black clove cigarettes are one of the most popular brands of cigarettes there are out there. The use of clove within its ingredients is one of the things that made this brand flavorful and special.

It is important for you to know all about Djarum clove cigarettes before you even think about trying them.

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