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Djarum Coklat Review

My adventure in discovering cigarette taste is going further. In this session, I will discuss about Djarum Coklat.

Last night, I went out of cigarette. Either stall or grocery was already closed. To fulfill my desire to smoke, I ask a cigarette to my friend then he gave me a stick of Djarum Coklat.

Djarum Brown
Djarum Chocolate

About Djarum Coklat

Djarum Coklat is one of the best selling clove cigarettes kretek product from PT. Djarum. Djarum Coklat categorized as unfiltered kretek cigarette (hand rolled clove cigarette kretek).

So this clove kretek that I tasted was the clove cigarette kretek with no filter. The packaging of this cig is not like any package that cigarette always use. The package is softer and it’s easy to be torn.

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Djarum Coklat uses natural tobacco from Indonesia and it has been widely exported to the whole world.

There are some variants of Djarum Coklat, which are Djarum Coklat Extra, Djarum Coklat Retro, and Djarum Coklat Filter.

Coklat Djarum
Coklat Kretek (image: koleksi-rokok121212)

The cigarette targets on smokers aged 20 years old to 30 years old who have young, modern, and down to earth characters but still maintain the heritage of a culture owned by a country.

Djarum changed its package in the middle of 2014 with soft-pack cardboard. The typical tribal pattern of this cigarette brand is also applied to the new package.

This makes the product looks more modern, younger, and down to earth without giving up the cultural characteristic.

A pack of Djarum Coklat consists of 12 cigarettes that you can enjoy. This product is also sold at an affordable price.

Even though the number of SKT (hand-rolled cigarette) smokers is decreased because many smokers change to SKM cigarettes, there are still quite many smokers who choose this product.

Coklat Clove Kretek

Maybe it’s because of its price which is considered cheap. My friend said that a pack of this cigarette is about Rp. 15.000,- in Indonesia (2019). It is cheaper if you buy this cigarette from grocery or supermarket instead of stall.

Even though its price is cheap, I must say that this clove cigarette satisfied me. When I lit the cigarette, the tobacco sauce that is blend inside was relaxing.

Diarum Coklat, Jarum Coklat
Djarum Coklat Ad

Maybe the smoke from this cigarette could give relaxation therapy because it has soothing scent.

The strongest scent from the smoke is its cinnamon and spice. Even before you light up the cigarette, the scent can be sensed by anyone nearby.

Djarum Coklat Review

On my first inhale, there was a strong spicy taste that blend well with the sweetness of its tobacco paper. After that, I sensed a bit heat in my throat. It seems the heat is caused by the spice from the cigarette.

Furthermore, the smoke of this Djarum cigarettes has fruity taste. When I smoked this cigarette I can say that it was like smoking and drinking cola at the same time.

You can feel the smoke, yet you can sense the sweetness of cola.

Djarum Brown
Djarum Coklat (Djarum Brown)

I don’t really recommend this Djarum brown cigarette for first-timer because it has a heat that could cause cough. It also has strong  smell which makes your head spinning or my friend always said “Nicotine drunk“.

Eventhough it’s like that, Djarum Coklat is worth try though.

After you take one or two butts of this cigarette, please let me know of your opinion on the comment below.

Djarum Coklat Review
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Djarum Coklat Review
My adventure in discovering cigarette taste is going further. I must say that this Djarum Coklat cigarettes satisfied me, tobacco blend inside was relaxing.
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