Djarum Coklat Filter


Djarum Coklat is one of the best selling clove cigarettes kretek product from PT. Djarum. Djarum Coklat categorized as unfiltered kretek cigarette (hand rolled clove cigarette kretek).

So Djarum Coklat that I tasted was the clove cigarette kretek with no filter. The packaging of Djarum Coklat is not like any package that cigarette always use. The package is softer and it’s easy to be torn.

Djarum Coklat uses natural tobacco from Indonesia and it has been widely exported to the whole world.

There are some variants of Djarum Coklat, which are Djarum Coklat Extra, Djarum Coklat Retro, and Djarum Coklat Filter.

Here are Djarum Coklat Filtered Clove Cigarettes

Source: Rokok Indonesia (Flickr)

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