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Djarum Forte Charcoal Review

Forte Charcoal, Indonesia’s First Mini Cigarette with Tobacco Wrap and Charcoal Filter

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Forte Charcoal is Indonesia’s first mini cigarette that features tobacco wrap and charcoal filter made by Djarum Group, one of the largest cigarette manufacture in Indonesia.

Its tobacco wrap is a better alternative for the regular cigarette paper because it provides a very consistent cigarette blend and an exceptionally intense flavor sensation.

Djarum Forte cigarette’s charcoal filter offers a cleaner taste that ensures lower tar content, even with zero perforation.

Djarum Forte Menthol

The combination of the filter and the tobacco wrap together with the slim and short cigarette shaft gives out a unique sensation of a clean-flavored cigarette without killing the distinct characteristic of the cigarette.

PT Djarum is one of Indonesia’s biggest cigarette makers that generally release its products within the domestic market first before conducting overseas exports.

Djarum Forte Wallpaper

With Forte Charcoal, however, they take a different step. Djarum Forte Charcoal—together with its Menthol variant—became popular first in international market before the corporation decided to release it in the domestic market.

When it finally entered Indonesia, Djarum Forte became the first mini cigarette that features tobacco wrap and charcoal filter cigar.

Despite its tiny form, it actually delivers a much more intense flavor sensation compared with other  cigarettes that are already popular in Indonesia.

Forte Clove Cigars
Clove Cigars

Besides, the cigarette cannot be categorized as a super-slim cigarette due to its slightly larger form, so it will not be too unfamiliar for Indonesian customers.

The Djarum Forte size and form factors of the cigarette, the reconstituted tobacco paper that wraps its tobacco shreds, and the charcoal filter that it uses make up the three elements that make the cigarette a special one, hence the Mighty Thiny catchphrase that appears on the pack.

Djarum Forte Mighty Tiny Commercial Ad

What makes the tobacco wrap and charcoal filter special? Tobacco wrap is made from reconstituted tobacco leaves.

Instead of being wasted, the tobacco leftovers from the cigarette making process are transformed into a paper to wrap the cigarette’s tobacco shreds.

Because real tobacco paper is used instead of wood-based paper, the flavor of wood-based paper will not interfere with the overall flavor of the cigarette.

Djarum Forte Products
Djarum Forte is one of some Djarum Cigars line

The charcoal filter further enhances the flavor by creating a sensation of cleanliness without reducing the intensity of the cigarette’s flavor.

Djarum Forte Charcoal Becomes Popular Abroad First

PT Djarum, one of Indonesia’s most prominent cigarette makers, recently released a slim tobacco-wrapped cigarette branded Djarum Forte as well as its Menthol variant.

There are some unique features that this slim cigarette offers. We will try to reveal them in this review.

Djarum Forte Original
Djarum Forte Original

Djarum usually markets its products in the domestic market first before expanding to the foreign market.

Forte Charcoal is considered unique because it became popular first in Japan before it entered the domestic market.

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Djarum Forte Charcoal Has Unique Look

From the outside alone, Djarum Forte Charcoal already looks unique and different with its blue pack without a single clue that it is the product of PT Djarum.

The pack uses the combination of blue, orange, black, and white in its design, with blue being the dominant color and the remaining colors used for accents and texts.

Djarum Forte
image: jackcigarguy

When you open the Djarum Forte pack, you will see even more distinctive look inside. One pack contains 20 cigarettes, which is considered a generous number compared to the more common 12 cigarettes per pack, though the extra cigarettes are mostly for compensating for their slimmer size and shorter shaft, which is 70 millimeters compared with the more common 84 millimeters.

Unlike the majority of cigarettes, Djarum Forte uses brown and dark brown for the colors of the paper and filter respectively, giving the cigarette its more distinctive look.

From the look alone, Forte Charcoal is already an attractive cigarette to try.

Djarum Forte Packs
Djarum Forte Packs

Djarum Forte has a great flavor.

The first time you smoke Forte Charcoal,you will taste the savory sensation of cocoa, the soft taste of Virginia tobacco leaves, and the spicy flavor typical of Burley tobacco leaves.

Besides this dominant mixture of flavors, the cigarette also gives out a hint of nutty flavor characteristic of oriental tobacco and some sweet taste.

For cigarette lovers, the overall flavor of this cigarette would be an unforgettable one, especially if they know that the flavor is further enhanced by the two features that are explained further below.

Djarum Forte Cigarette
Djarum Clove Cigars

It uses tobacco wrap.

One feature that makes Forte Charcoal so flavorful is its tobacco wrap. Though it is not pure tobacco wrap per se, but a reconstituted tobacco paper that is made from tobacco leave waste, its effect on the cigarette’s overall flavor is still significant and it is still much better than ordinary cigarette paper.

Thanks to the tobacco wrap, a very strong sensation of flavor and a dominant tobacco aroma that feels natural and bold can be achieved. When you smoke it, you will feel the sensation of smoking a real tobacco cigar with great flavor consistency.

Djarum Forte
Djarum Forte Charcoal

It features a charcoal filter.

The second feature that contributes to the superiority of Djarum Forte Charcoal is its charcoal filter, hence the inclusion of charcoal in the brand’s name.

Charcoal filter greatly reduces the amount of tar that enters your body. It blocks bigger tar particles and lets through only smaller particles.

However, it is not the health aspect of the filter that makes it prominent. After all, the health benefit is not the biggest benefit that people seek when smoking through a charcoal filter.

The filter gives out a cleaner sensation when smoking, allowing the smokes to feel milder when they enter your throat.

Although the taste of the cigarette will be cleaner with a charcoal filter in it, its overall flavor and flavor strength are not compromised.

The flavor is still wonderfully pleasant when you smoke the cigarette.

Djarum Forte Packs
Forte Djarum


Djarum Forte Charcoal is a unique and interesting cigarette to try. The fresh look of this cigarette is already curious for people who wish to try it.

If you finally try it, you can feel that intense flavor and aroma that it gives out, thanks to the use of tobacco wrap and charcoal filter.

Djarum Forte Charcoal Review
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Djarum Forte Charcoal Review
Djarum Forte is Indonesia’s first mini cigarette that features tobacco wrap and charcoal filter. More about Djarum Forte or buy clove cigarettes here ..
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