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Djarum Mild Clove Cigar Review

Filtered Clove Cigar

Some friends said that there is a small cigar cigarette from Djarum with a good taste and flavor. It makes curious to taste it, and tried to find at some cigarette shops and kiosks. It is difficult to find, finally it got from the online shop.

The small clove cigar from Djarum is Djarum Mild Clove Cigar; it has nearly similar size (3.5 x 20) and shape of ordinary filter cigarette, wrapped in light brown cigarette paper.

Djarum Mild Cigar
Djarum Mild Filtered Clove Cigars
Djarum Mild Cigar
Djarum Mild Clove Cigar

Djarum Mild Clove Cigar are popular Indonesian brand of machine-made little cigar that featured a spicy and peppery tobaccos that come in an assortment of aromatic and non-aromatic blends to please just about every style of smoker.

Djarum Mild Clove Cigar created with a unique blend of selected quality tobacco leaves, fine-cut flower buds cloves, spice rolled into the filler, processed with a sophisticated technology.

The cigarette has a top standard quality, mellow, satisfying smokes that not only taste great but also deliver tantalizing aromas.

The Djarum Mild cigar size makes it the ideal cigar for a quick smoke; rich and rewarding smoke break.

This Djarum Filtered Cigars are affordable. Conveniently packed, and ready to enjoy with no cigar cutter required.

With this cigarette, Djarum shows off their revolutionary skill in creation of a smooth homogenized filler that encompasses the superb short filler tobaccos.

Djarum Mild
Djarum Mild Clove Cigar

The pleasant crackling sound that emanates from these cigarette when it light-up tenders the exposure of their innermost ingredient in the most subtle ways – the sweet of clove that is underpinned by other gentle spices of the sauce.

This clove cigars is not same taste as any other brand of cigar that only using traditional tobacco blends.

Djarum Cigars
Djarum Filtered Cigars line of products

The cloves and sauce on this Djarum Mild cigarettes provide a unique spicy taste with every draw. The cloves can actually cause a tingling in the mouth that last for a few seconds, and giving a throat hit.

The clove and sauce also have a distinctive and almost sweet flavor that is a combination of savory, cinnamon, fruity and spicy heat, it also given an effect the smoke and odor of the cigars.

Djarum Mild Cigarettes
Djarum Mild Clove Cigars

For some people it can find the scent of clove cigars more enjoyable than the sometimes heavy odor of conventional cigars that contain just tobacco.

Despite the clove, it is still possible to detect the flavor of the tobacco with each draw.

This mild filter clove cigars do not come in the same number of varieties as some other brands.

This is similar to long cigarettes, but in the different taste and flavor, milder than Djarum Black clove cigars.

This is a cigars cigarette for anyone who enjoys the taste of clove, and for the smokers who’s looking for new experience of smoking.

Diarum Mild, Jarum Mild
Djarum Mild

The cigarette packed in white color cartons box with a Djarum logo’s in red background color, per pack consists of 12 filtered cigarettes.

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Djarum Mild Clove Cigar Review
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Djarum Mild Clove Cigar Review
Some friends said that there is a small cigar cigarette from Djarum with a good taste and flavor. That small clove cigar is Djarum Mild Clove Cigars.
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