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Djarum Splash Review

Sometimes we are confused about the name, filtered cigarette, cigarillos, and cigar, for a small shape of cigarette, blended the ingredient to have a taste like cigar.

Anyway, this Djarum Splash is a product of filtered cigarette that the producer named as filtered clove cigars.

Djarum Splash, filtered clove cigars-, produced by Djarum, Indonesia.

Djarum Splash
Djarum Splash Filtered Cigars

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Djarum Splash Filtered Clove Cigars

Djarum Splash contains 12 stick filtered cigarettes in one paper box packaging, wrapped with natural light brown color cigarette wrapping paper and filtered wrapped in brown color.

Djarum Splash is a machine-made cigarette with a size of 3 ¾ x 24, cigarillo shape.

Djarum Splash cigarettes made by blending of Sumatra high quality and famous tobacco leaf and extra-fine cut Java tobacco leaves, fine crush aged clove buds, machined-rolled into cigarette size of cigar.

Djarum Splash Filter Clove Cigars
Djarum Splash

Djarum Splash Review

This Djarum Splash Filtered Clove Cigars is the favorite of so many smokers for a couple of reasons.

Some is that the distinct aroma and the flavor are pleasurable and satisfying to the palate.

Some other said that because their diminutive size lets you enjoy great tobacco flavor when you only have a little time to smoke.

Djarum Spash

And, it gives new experience of smoking clove cigarette in different style.


Djarum Splash Clove Cigars
Djarum Splash Clove Cigars

Djarum Splash package box combines blue, light green and yellow color with an artistic of white color letter of SPLASH.

When one stick take out from the box it is smell little bit like an ordinary cigar and earthy.

The first Djarum cigars puff after light-up it is spicy of clove combine with a sweet of cherry and other fruity flavor, it is a crackling sound because of the clove when it burning.

It is smooth and bold, little throat hit, for some smokers who are smoke this cigarette, said that this cigarette extremely smooth and no harsh after taste, it is also delivers tantalizing aromas.

The taste of flavor and aroma of this Djarum clove cigars coming from the blend of fine-cut traditional high quality Indonesian tobacco leaves combined with the spicy and exotic taste of clove mixing with a sauce.

It is making this small filtered cigar delicious and unique, giving new experience of smoking than others.

Djarum Splash Cigars
Djarum Splash Cigars

Djarum Splash has an extra dimension of flavor comparing with Djarum Black, mellower, spicy clove combined with a hint of fruity flavors.

Its brown filter matches the color profile of their short filler tobacco veneer (seamlessly rolled homogenized tobacco leaf) that burns smoothly and consistency of flavor of sweet fragrance and fruity – dominant of cherry – taste.

Djarum Clove Cigars
Djarum Clove Cigars

After one-third of smoking into finish, the taste and flavor little bit stronger, and the cigarette become more warm in hand and an extra throat-hit. Its spicy and peppery taste more dominant, giving an exotically assortment of aroma until finish.

Anyway, this Djarum Splash able to deliver Indonesian traditional taste of clove cigarette into a small cigar.

Djarum Splash Cigarettes
Djarum Splash Cigarettes

Djarum Splash Clove Cigar marketed for export, and it’s rather difficult to find in the tobacco shops or kiosk in Indonesia, but available at many online shops.

Others Djarum clove cigars product to taste are, Djarum Bali Hai, Djarum Special, Djarum Black, Djarum Mild, Djarum Cigarillos, etc. Some of them you can buy it from our clove cigarettes online store.

Understand that, in Indonesia there are not so many cigar smokers, most the smokers are familiar with a “pure” clove cigarettes, both filtered and unfiltered.

Djarum Splash Review
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Djarum Splash Review
Djarum Splash has an extra dimension of flavor comparing with Djarum Black, mellower, spicy clove combined with a hint of fruity flavors.
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