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Dji Sam Soe (234) Kretek Review

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One of the famous ‘Kretek” cigarette or clove cigarette brand in indonesia is Dji Sam Soe (234), produced by PT. H.M. Sampoerna.

Dji Sam Soe kretek cigarette is a trend of teenage in Indonesia, some of the youth smokers feel likes going to adultery if they smoke Dji Sam Soe kretek cigarette.

Dji Sam Soe

Dji Sam Soe Kretek Cigarette

For some of kretek smoker it is like fanatics to smoke Dji Sam Soe kretek cigarette, they smoke that brand of cigarette since they are young until they are old.

Maybe for the European and Americans smokers, this cigarette taste and flavor is to strong, because of the clove blended in the tobacco.

But for the smoker that likes a kretek, the taste and flavor of Dji Sam Soe is full of aroma and rather spicy. Dji Sam Soe is a prime quality of kretek cigarette in the world.

Dji Sam Soe 234

Dji Sam Soe is cigarette kretek (clove cigarette) without filter blended from selected Madura tobacco and with high quality clove and special sauces, deliver consistent taste from many generations.

It is a masterpiece cigarette of H.M. Sampoerna, Dji Sam Soe (Hanzi: 二三四) is a Hokkien dialect pronunciation of the language, in Hokkien province, China, which means 2, 3, and 4 which when added to the number 9.

First Sampoerna product introduced in 1913 by Liem Seng Tee (Sampoerna), he believed that the myth of the 9 it brings good luck and perfection.

Sampoerna Logo
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More About Dji Sam Soe Kretek Cigarette

In Indonesia smoking kretek cigarette is common, but since the kretek producers also produced filtered kretek cigarettes, many of the smoker changes into the filter one, even there are not so significant.

The filter kretek is milder than and not as strong as a non-filter one. For the Dji Sam Soe smokers, at the beginning of a filter kretek release the move to the filter one, but then, most of them back to a non-filter kretek.

Indonesia has a population of 269.1 million people (databoks – 2019), from that total population there are approximately more than 60 million are smoker.

That is a potential market for a cigarette and tobacco industries. Cigarette industries in Indonesia are also a potential tax income for Indonesian government.

This is also good for foreign investment that they have an opportunity to involve in the Indonesian local cigarette industries through a stock exchanges market or direct cooperation with a local cigarette manufacturer.

That situation also push Philip Morris group through a Philip Morris Indonesia or PMI, they do an acquisition of estimation 40 percent of HM Sampoerna share in 2005.

Estimated that 88 percent of Indonesian smokers are a kretek cigarette smoker. This industries involving a million people, let’s say; over 180,000 people on direct employed by manufacturer and more than 10 million people involve indirectly, likes tobacco farmer and employee, transportation and distribution sector, including kiosk seller employees.

No wonder if there is said that Indonesia is the fifth tobacco market in the world.

Dji Sam Soe Pack

The statistic from the Cigarette Factories Union, the cigarette production in Indonesia until year 2010 is:

YearCigarettesProduced YoYGrowth2015336 billion-5.4%2014355 billion+3.8%2013342 billion+4.9%2012326 billion+2.2%2011319 billion+7.8%2010296 billion-

Source: Gabungan Perserikatan Pabrik Rokok Indonesia (GAPPRI)

According to the Tobacco Atlas Fact Sheet about Indonesia, There were 342 billion cigarettes produced in Indonesia in 2016.

Nowadays, Dji Sam Soe kretek cigarette has been sold in some countries all over the world, or even you can buy at the online shop. There are a non-filter lines and also filter series.

Sampoerna 234 Dji Sam Soe Kretek Review
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Sampoerna 234 Dji Sam Soe Kretek Review
One of the famous ‘Kretek” cigarette or clove cigarette brand in indonesia is Dji Sam Soe (234), produced by PT. H.M. Sampoerna.  
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