Cigarette as the Cause of Poverty

Cigarette, indeed, is assumed as the cause of poverty by many developing countries. This assumption, of course, needs a further study to ensure that cigarette is the real cause of poverty.

However, making cigarette as the victim of poverty cause doesn’t solve the case. The Indonesian clove cigarette community posted an interesting image on its official Instagram account (@komunitaskretek), which is about the cause of poverty in Indonesia. Based on the community’s statement, there are 3 factors that can cause poverty.

Those 3 factors are:

  1. Less EmploymentThe decrease of employment means a raise on unemployment. It is a problem that every country and nation face.

    A prosperous country comes from prosperous citizens. It means that every country always attempt to decrease the unemployment rate. However, this matter is more complicated in developing countries which need a lot of time and funding also encouragement.

    Less of employment also becomes one of many factors of a country’s failure to advance to the next level.

  2. Expensive primary needsControlling the market around the country is a task of government. The government must pay attention to the price of any kind of thing  in order to maintain the balance.

    But however, if there is a failure in balancing the price, there shall be a great raise of poverty because any low-level class would be in trouble buying their primary needs. If it does happen regularly, it will cause poverty.

  3. Expensive FuelFuel also becomes a chain that affects economy status. A raise of fuel price absolutely will increase the market average price.

    The raise gives a big trouble for courier or any other distributor for carrying the yields to a certain factory. It would make the distributors resign their job.

Those reasons above are the causes of poverty in Indonesia. It may do the same in other country, depends on the government itself. Well, blaming cigarette as the cause of poverty really an immature act in my opinion, since smoking is a personal decision.

The problem is for them who is poor and jobless that smoke a lot without thinking to get any job. If job is available, there will be no poverty.


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