Don’t Let Clove Cigarette Down!

Clove cigarette is the real unique creation of Indonesian. Its aroma is a gift from god. The purest scent of clove that blends with well-farmed tobacco leaves indeed gives an immeasurable pleasure of everyone that tastes it.

Its herbs and spices sauce also makes this clove cigarette become unique and full of taste. It can be said that clove cigarette has a smoke that every smokers can taste.

But unfortunately, clove cigarette now has a same fate as other cigarette. Its price is announced will be increased on 2020 even from its motherland, Indonesia.

Clove cigarettes will be down if these issues below are getting stronger without any further objection.


Health issue becomes the most reason why every cigarette (including clove cigarettes) faced many disadvantages. The disadvantages are in form of an increase of price, ads banning, or even bad cigarette packages.

Before we delve into this matter, we should know about the basic thing of consumptive pattern. Everyone is aware that every over-consumption of everything is risky. The result would affect health condition or any kind of thing.

Junk food is the example. If there is a person that eats junk food so much in a day, that person would suffer body obese. Body obese is dangerous for respiratory or digesting system inside human body.

Clove Cigarette Ingredients

The fat inside surely will affect the performance of our limbs and also it affects the flow of blood or even heartbeat. It is not a rare case that person died of body obese. It also has the same case with cigarette.

It’s dangerous if smokers smoke a lot in a day. It’s surely affect respiratory system. But the question is why people around the world focus on cigarette more than any dangerous issue like junk food?

If it’s about secondhand smoker, any smoker can smoke in a more private place. Why governments don’t give a larger concern to transportation? Its effect is more serious than it seems (global warming is the thing, hon).

Some research also stated that transport emission harms people’s lungs more than cigarette smoke.

Clove Cigarette Kretek Price

So, health issue is always becomes the concern that the government falsely take. In Indonesian culture, there is a claim that ‘Klobot’ (Clove cigarette that is rolled with corn leaf) heals asthma.

It makes sense if we take the form of cigarette itself back when industrialism of cigarette isn’t as massive as today.

The ingredients are pure and natural; also the tobacco itself is dried within a long process to create a perfect tobacco that won’t harm smokers’ health.

Another issue that makes clove cigarette in trouble is the paradigm of clove cigarette itself. Bonded with the same fate with another cigarette, clove cigarette has a negative paradigm almost around the world.

what is kretek cigarettes

It is often represented as something evil! Strange indeed. But long ago, there is no such false representation like that. Smoker used to be represented as half-boiled guy, masculinity, elegance, femininity, or calmness.

But after the announcement of the effect of smoking, the imageries above are just poof or disappear and changing into more devilish thing. Smoker now is represented as bad guy, criminals, prisoners, or even death wish.

Clove cigarette is not just a mere cigarette. It’s human’s masterpiece. Each piece of clove cigarette contains the finest work of nature that blends with human’s creativity to brew the ingredients into the finest sauce.

So, don’t let clove cigarette down. We can speak for clove cigarette. It is us who responsible for clove cigarettes because non-smoker won’t ever do.

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