Dunhill Fine Cut Mild Review

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild is the first clove cigarette made by Dunhill International.  This superb mild cigarettes feature finely cut premium Indonesia clove and high quality Dunhill tobacco for a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

Dunhill Fine Cut Mild 02

Sealed with Relock-Exclusively Dunhill to keep the cigarette fresh and the aroma will remain constant. Packaged in the carton paper in white color of 20 stick fine cut clove cigarettes.

Each cigarette has 13 mg of Tar and 1.0 mg of Nicotine. This cigarette made by Bentoel Group in Indonesia under the authority of Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited.

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Since it introduced and launch, the company has made a changes of the packaging several times.  With the motto Define Your Style, Dunhill made a uniformity of their clove cigarettes product line.

The box of packaging has a new design with they called as “Diamond Touch”, “Modern and Premium Design”.

dunhill cigarette

Yes, it is, the new packaging is more stylish and sophisticated as an international brand.

There are four type of Dunhill Fine Cut clove cigarettes;

  1. Dunhill International Fine Cut Light – packaging in the light blue box,
  2. Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol – with a light green box,
  3. Dunhill Fine Cut Mild Ultra – packaging in the white box and text ULTRA in blue color, and
  4. Dunhill Fine Cut Mild – also in white box but with red color ornament line.

And now we will see inside the box of Dunhill Fine Cut Mild. The cigarettes is machine rolled with the blended mixed of high quality aged tobacco leaves as Dunhill standard quality, mixed with a fine quality of Indonesian clove and added with a special secret sauces.

dunhil fine cut

It used a Tasteloc features and Advanced Flow Filter. Tasteloc is a Dunhill features that has a function to maintain the cigarette flavor quality.  And the Advanced Flow Filter is an innovation of dual layer acetate filter in the cigarettes.

As the name is Fine Cut Mild, the tobacco leaves to be blend for this cigarette fine-cut with a special technique, and the mild means when the cigarette light-up and puffing it will give a mild taste and flavor.

That is why when trying this cigarette, from the beginning until finish, it is very light, but there is throat-hit and rather warm. The clove spicy rather dominant but the taste of sauce nearly does not exist.

The burn is consistent, it is the blend for an international white cigarette smokers. As a clove cigarette a spicy taste from the clove is fair enough.

When it puffing, there are a flavor of earthy, fruity, sweet and spicy, but it is mild for the clove cigarette. The tobacco uses to blend this cigarette has pass the process of dry ice expanded tobacco.

That is why the taste of the tobacco is really mild and smooth. Dunhill make a strict selection on the tobacco to be used in this cigarette, it is like the Virginian tobacco taste more dominant in this cigarette.

It is totally different with the clove filtered cigarette produced by the Bentoel Group.  This is really Dunhill style.

This Dunhill Fine Cut Mild aroma not strong as the local Indonesian filtered clove cigarettes.  It is one of alternative for international smokers who are love to smoking clove cigarettes.

“Easy draw, no popping cloves and burn clothes…” is one of comment from one smoker after tasting this cigarette.

For others….. it is time to try new experience with filtered clove cigarette, Dunhill Fine Cut Mild …..

Pics: PT. PDIT/Dunhill


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