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Dunhill International Cigarette

Dunhill is a brand of British cigarettes owned and manufactured by British American Tobacco. In Indonesia, Dunhill cigarettes produced by PT. Bentoel International Investama, Tbk. Malang, East Java.

dunhill international cigarette

Dunhill International Origin

Dunhill International made under authority of Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited. London-based British American Tobacco acquired a 99.74 percent stake in Bentoel Group in 2009, and early 2010 the company was merged with PT BAT Indonesia Tbk.

One of their products of cigarette is Dunhill International filter cigarette. Dunhill international packed in flip-top box with tasteloc system (automatic seal) dominant in silver color with a gradation embossed square red dot in the two-third of the box, and in 2019 they release a menthol variant with the same packaged box but the square dot gradation in green color.

One box of Dunhill International consists of 20 cigarettes wrapped in all white color of cigarette paper. Dunhill brand named after the English tobacconist and inventor Alfred Dunhill.

Dunhill International Cigarette

Dunhill International Review

I got a box of Dunhill International from a friend two day ago and just tried to smoke it today. The cigarette is short enough compared with the others brand, the length of blended tobacco part is twice of its filter length.

The filter is the new advanced flow filter system (also called as taste flow filter. Or smooth flow filter), the cigarette blended in international standard blend of Dunhill. From the light-up until finish it takes seven minutes.

When the cigarette takes out from the box, it smells a little bit tobacco and the aromatic of it sauce. The first puff it rich of tobacco and earthy flavors and original sweet of tobacco leaf.

Dunhill International Bentoel

Not likes any others filter cigarettes, this Dunhill blend is not so fruity or much sweet, but it is rich of original tobacco.

In the two-third to finish, it is coming a little bit spicy of Virginian tobacco taste, and the puff become warmer.

Believed this is a high quality blend of Dunhill standard. The tobacco uses for blend is a high quality Virginia and Oriental tobacco leaves.

dunhill international

The cigarette was blended for the international market, which is why the flavor and aroma is light and soft, as an international standard of Dunhill.

The tastelock system applied in the flip-top box is to protect the humidity inside the box more constant.

The new filter with advanced flow (a hole/hollow in the middle of the filter) is dual layer acetate that the inside layer is a pores acetate to makes puff of smoke characters more soft, but still bold.

Bentoel Dunhill International

About Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill as a founder of Dunhill brand starting his business in 1907 by opened a small tobacconist’s shop at Duke Street, St. James area, London.

The company produced the cigarette with its slogan was the “Hygienic Cigarette”, and had a royal warrant from 1927 until 1995.

In 1939 Dunhill selling in the United States by Philip Morris USA, and in 1962, Dunhill International was introduced.

Price of Dunhill cigarettes relatively more expensive than the others cigarette in the market.  That is because Dunhill always used high quality of tobacco leaves.

Dunhill also markets a line of cigarillos under the name Dunhill Tembakau in Malaysia.

It is made of 100 percent tobacco inside out, whereby even the cigarette wrapper is made from tobacco leaves by using homogenized tobacco leaves.


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