Dunhill is the British cigarettes brand that owned and manufactured recently by British American Tobacco (BAT).

The founder is Alfred Dunhill that becomes the name of the brand. Dunhill is a brand that categorized as premium cigarettes.

Dunhill International

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The History of the Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill cigarettes are introduced in 1908. Alfred Dunhill starts by opening tobacco shops in 1907 and soon it becomes famous with a range of tobacco products.

The store is also well-known as a gentleman’s club atmosphere since the store focus on hand-mixed tobacco blends that highly value and sell it to wealthier customers.

The tobacco shops growth fast and in 1960 the stores have in over 100 countries.

While operating tobacco shops, Alfred Dunhill also starts roll and produce his cigarettes.

He was contributing to introduce the use of a filter on the end of cigarettes.

The cigarette filter is the cotton wool which marks cigarettes as a cleaner and hygienic one.

Alfred Dunhill owns Dunhill luxury goods store where he also produces smoke pipes, leather goods and other related with men and tobacco of high-end product.

Dunhill Cigarettes 01

Dunhill cigarettes are branding that known as premium cigarettes. This is due to the composition of the cigarette that free from additives and made from the original 100% Virginian tobacco.

Dunhill cigarettes are made with different styles available in wide ranges of prices and flavor. The cigarettes are also known with the natural sweetness that comes from the quality tobacco.

With the high quality of tobacco and paper choice, the cigarettes have popularity due to the longer burning cigarettes.

Dunhill Cigarettes 02

Where The Dunhill Cigarettes Factory?

Dunhill has 55 factories, where the 47 produce cigarettes factory spread along in 48 countries all over the world.

The products designed to meet with the flexible supply chain and world-class operational base.

The manufacturing of Dunhill cigarettes comes into automated and technical advance by ensuring quality as a priority.

Dunhill Cigarette Types

What makes Dunhill cigarettes expensive?

As stated before that Dunhill is categorized as premium cigarettes. This makes this brand is also known as expensive cigarettes top 10 in 2019. Then, what makes it premium and expensive cigarettes?

First, Dunhill is notable from their packaging that looks classy and elegant. Furthermore, Dunhill cigarettes are also can be hard to find as these are not always available in most places.

Dunhill Cigarettes 03

If in any case, you can afford this cigarette, it is recommended buying in bulk to save trouble to buy at stores again.

Of course, you also can afford and find this cigarette online and buy it but you need to be patient to wait for them in front of your door.

Variations of Dunhill Cigarettes brand

There are some products of Dunhill brand that available to choose for cigarettes smoker. There are two varieties of Dunhill cigarettes, the Dunhill and Dunhill international cigarettes.

  • Dunhill Button Red.
    Dunhill Red
    This is a Dunhill cigarette that heartier with contains 1mg nicotine. This cigarette has bold flavor and extremely smooth. For those who are looking for enriched taste tobacco cigarettes, this is one of the best alternatives to choose.
  • Dunhill Button Blue.
    Dunhill Blue
    Dunhill Button Blue is the lighter option from Button Red. This is the lightest cigarettes in the line. This due to combination from the fresh-roasted flavor and sweetness hint from tobacco. Overall, this cigarette has crisp flavor with sweetness sense. It is free from chemical taste and additive-free.
  • Dunhill International Red.
    Dunhill International
    This is the one that popular variants from Dunhill cigarettes. It has a smooth and creamy taste from Virginian tobacco. The Dunhill International Red cigarettes give you a full-flavored, bold yet sweet smoke experience. The cigarettes contain with 1.3mg nicotine and 12mg tar which make the cigarettes as the strongest cigarettes from entire Dunhill cigarettes lines.
  • Dunhill capsule black green cigarettes.
    Dunhill capsule black green delivers a new way for their consumers to enjoy new premium and perfection of cigarettes to the next level. This is cigarettes that come with luxury package and design. The cigarettes filter with small liquid fills flavor capsule as part of the cigarettes. When the customer clicks the filer it will release flavor from the capsule when it smoked and the consumer can indulge the menthol taste as second taste.
  • Dunhill Fine Cut.
    Dunhill Fine Cut Mild
    This is the Dunhill cigarettes lines that well known with tobacco cutting that unique. Each inch from tobacco fill in the cigarettes is cut with 46 times. This cutting technique makes cigarettes with pleasant and distinct flavor from the tobacco. The technique also ensures a smooth draw for every inhales when smoked. The cigarettes smokers found that this Dunhill fine cut line is well known for the quality and delicate flavor. The Dunhill fine cut line has some variations include fine cut menthol, fine cut black, and fine cut gold.
  • Dunhill Fine-Cut Menthol.
    Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol
    If you are the one that looking for fresh and minty sensation, then this is the alternative option from Dunhill that offer special exotic tobacco. This is the perfect cigarettes that deliver minty fresh to medium blend full-flavored cigarettes. With a distinct chamber filter, it delivers a smooth and clean taste.
  • Dunhill Fine-Cut Black.
    Dunhill Fine Cut Black
    For those cigarettes connoisseur that looking for bold and full-flavored cigarettes, this is one special tobacco blend with a real taste of cigarettes without harsh taste. The cigarettes offer the perfection combination from the strong and creamy taste.
  • Dunhill Fine Cut Gold.
    The Dunhill fine cut gold is well known with light blend tobacco that delivers a unique taste.
    The cigarettes offer clean and light cigarettes taste. The signatures from Dunhill brand, sweetness taste goes well balanced with enriched tobacco flavor that makes the cigarettes best as smooth and light cigarettes option.

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Dunhill Fine Cut Mild (Indonesian version)

Dunhill Fine Cut Cigarettes


Dunhill International (Indonesian Version)

Dunhill International Cigarettes

How much Dunhill cigarettes price? 

With the ranges of product lines from Dunhill, there is range price that you can expect. However, as premium cigarettes, and some of the lines are hard to find in most places, the price can be higher in another place.

When you search for online, the most prices Dunhill cigarettes line is the price for $9.30 per pack.

When you buy cigarettes online, check for any term and condition include delivery charges you need to pay.

The high price from Dunhill is due to the higher quality of tobacco that they use for their product.

Dunhill Cigarette Video

Dunhill Cigarette Wallpaper

Dunhill Wallpaper
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Dunhill Cigarettes
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Dunhill International 01
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