E-Cigarettes Dangers

E Cigarettes Dangers You Should Know

Although the popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing, you should know the latent e cigarettes dangers.

It is known that electronic cigarettes are safer than cigarettes since it produces vapor instead of smoke, and electronic cigarettes can be a great alternative for smokers, it does provide some dangers as well.

The information below provides good news and bad news about electronic cigarettes. You need to carefully read it, whether you want to try electronic cigarettes or you already are a user of it.

You have to understand the risk of things you are going to use and already use, right?

Electronic Cigarette Danger
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The Good News

First thing first, let’s talk about the good news. The claim that electronic cigarettes are less lethal than mere cigarettes is true, although it is not entirely true.

When talking about a conventional cigarette, we talk about preventable death. Some studies show that cigarettes kill people more than heroin, HIV, alcohol, and vehicle accidents.

It is because when you are smoking, you also increase the risk of stroke, asthma, heart attack, and cancers. Cigarette smoke also contains hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide.

Based on the fact of conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are less deadly because they do not emit tar as well as toxic gases.

Electronic cigarettes contain a cartridge of fluid which is made up of nicotine and flavorings. Then, the liquid is heated by the electrical energy from the battery, converting it into vapor.

E Cigarettes Danger
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The Bad News

Now, for the e cigarettes dangers, it may have several negative effects on your body. It is because the fluid or known as e-liquid still contains nicotine.

Nicotine exposure can lead to several health problems such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, increasing heart rate as well as blood pressure.

Nicotine is also addictive, making you vulnerable to addiction to other drugs. The e-liquid also is dangerous if it is placed carelessly.

Nicotine Jar
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Since it comes in many flavors, including sweets and fruits, it may attract children to blindly drink it.

The number of nicotine poisoning increases from year to year. Flavored nicotine may hold dangerous effect as well.

They mostly contain diacetyl, a chemical compound which is related to bronchiolitis obliterans. It can cause damage to the bronchioles.

Knowing the good news and the bad news of electronic cigarettes, you should become aware of nicotine intake.

Do not forget that e cigarettes dangers are worth your concern.


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