Electronic Cigarettes (eCigs)

What Is Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking with an electronic cigarette is a new way of simple and fast smoking activity. Just like the name of the product, electronic cigarettes are powered by a battery.

Due to its popularity, it is much easier for you to find an electronic cigarette. Even, you can buy this product online. Before buying and using an electronic cigarette for smoking, let’s learn the detail of the product first.

About Electronic Cigarettes

The first thing you need to know before smoking with an electronic cigarette is learning what is electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is a smoking tool where you can smoke without burning tobacco.


Instead of using tobacco, you are using a specific ingredient known as aerosol or vapor. The process is supported by a heating element known as e-liquid. To smoke with an electronic cigarette, you just need to press a button on the starter kit.

Type of E Cigarette Starter Kit

Talking about an electronic cigarette or e cigarette, we also talk about the E cigarettes starter kit. You must use the starter kit to vaping or smoking with an e cigarette.

This is the difference between smoking with an E cigarette and an ordinary tobacco cigarette. There are several starter kits available in the market. A package of an e cigarette starter kit consists of a mod, tank, and a charging cable.

Sometimes, you also get the e-liquid in several flavors. If you buy from reputable online stores, you will find specific popular brands such as the Mig Cig Basic, the Bug Mini Vape, Aspire KWIT Stick, Vapor Fi VAIO Go, and many more.

Type Of Electronic Cigarettes

The Example of E Cigarettes

Indeed, you can find a variety of E cigarettes for sale in reputable online stores. For example, you will get one of the most popular products known as the Mig Cig Basic. The reason why smokers love to use this smoking kit is because of the affordable price.

Moreover, it is also about its quality along with many options to choose. You can also try to smoke using the Bug Mini Vape. It is also considered as one of the best electronic cigarettes in the market.

The reason is that the product is easy to use. It is also durable along with a low-risk of leaks. The size is compact and small so you can bring it anywhere you want. Another example of the popular electronic cigarette is Aspire KWIT stick.

This product becomes a popular electronic cigarette because of the tiny and portable design where the users can bring it anywhere and use it anytime they want. The flavor is great along with a great throat hit because of the nicotine salt. You just need to open the cover and use the product without pushing any button.


E Cigarette Health Facts

E Cigarette becomes a new trend in the United States. People love to use it because e cigarette is easy to use, flavorous, and safer than a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Before that, let’s talk about e cigarette health facts. Based on the research, teenagers who have used e cigarette often becoming a tobacco cigarette smoker. So, how about the E cigarette dangers?

For your information, e cigarette also contains nicotine which is mixed in the e-liquid. The nicotine will be absorbed by your lung into the bloodstream.

Due to this fact, the electronic cigarettes side effects for health are various including high blood pressure, breathing problem, heart disease, heart rate problem, and many more.

What Is Electronic Cigarettes

Some people use an e cigarette to stop their smoking habit. This product is used because it helps to lower nicotine. Actually, this is one of the important E cigarettes facts you need to understand.

You have to know that there is no scientific research shows that e cigarette is able to stop smoking. It still needs more researches to know the exact health side effects of electronic cigarettes.

The most important thing, FDA doesn’t approve electronic cigarette as a quit aid.

There is also a question related to e cigarette and cancer. They are asking can ecig cause cancer.

Actually, it is based on the materials and ingredients of the cigarette. It is true that some of the vapors that trigger serious diseases such as lung disease, heart disease, or even cancer.

Close Up Of Fingers Holding An Electric Cigarette

Some Popular E Cigarettes Brands

Due to its popularity, you can find a variety of E cigarettes brands in the market. Some of them are commonly used by smokers. One of them is Kilo 1K in which it is a high-quality pod vape.

The users are able to choose up to 17 different great flavors along with 4.5% nic salt. The design is also handy and lightweight enough so you can bring anywhere you want.

If you are a beginner smoker who want to try an electronic cigarette, you can try Mojo.

It is a disposable pod vape that contains 5% nicotine salt. This product helps you to enjoy vape up to 250 puffs or equal to 20 tobacco cigarettes.

You can also choose some flavors. Do you need a rechargeable electronic cigarette? If it is so, you can use ePuffer Magnum. The best part of this product is on its new twist on the ecig Mods.

Moreover, the users also love it because of the design that uses magnets. Along with the design, you are able to smoke up to 400 puffs. You can also recharge the battery anytime you want and use the E cigarette just like before when the battery is fully loaded.

Closeup Of Woman Smoking Electronic Cigarette Outdoor
closeup of woman smoking e-cigarette and enjoying smoke.

The Way to Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

The difference between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarette is on the way to smoke it. This section is to let you know how to smoke e cigarettes. Actually, you a need specific starter kit before smoking with an electronic cigarette.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the battery is fully loaded so you can enjoy the cigarette maximally. Next, you have to screw the liquid cartridge and use the e-liquid.

Smoking with an electronic cigarette is also different in which you are about to puff. In this case, you have to absorb the smoke and hold the vapor in your mouth for three or five seconds.

Then, you can inhale the smoke into your lungs. Try to exhale the smoke slowly out of your nose or mouth. Wait for at least 30 seconds to feel the effects of the nicotine.

By learning the best way to smoke electronic cigarettes, you can really get the best sensation.


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