Electronic Cigarettes Side Effects


This article contains all the information about electronic cigarettes side effects. It has become a serious debate, whether electronic cigarette is less harmful than mere cigarettes, or it holds the same danger or even more dangerous than electronic cigarettes.

No matter how “safe” electronic cigarette is, as long as it involves nicotine, it still holds potential danger to the user. If you are a beginner who uses electronic cigarettes without knowing the risk you may encounter, just stop a second, read and understand the side effects of the device you are using. At least you know the consequences.

The Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

It becomes common knowledge that electronic cigarettes can replace conventional cigarettes. They become popular because it is considered “safe” to use it, and the e-liquid comes in different and attractive flavors, much more convenient than smoking cigarettes.

Instead of using fire to burn the tobacco and thus inhale the nicotine, electronic cigarettes use electrical current from the battery to heat the liquid which contains nicotine in it. People think that it is less harmful because it does not emit carbon monoxide like regular cigarettes.

Besides, the battery can be charged, making it more practical. You do not have to replace the battery, just charge it and it can be used again. The various flavoring liquids also become the main attention of electronic cigarettes.

The Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes

There are several electronic cigarettes side effects. You should know that nicotine is highly addictive. As long as it is used in electronic cigarettes, the side effect is real. Low doses of nicotine intake can cause vomiting, nausea, and eye irritation.

Meanwhile, high doses of nicotine intake are much worse. It can cause high blood pressure, seizure, and even death. Some electronic cigarettes are reported to contain ethylene glycol along with nitrosamines, a kind of cancer-causing substance.

Besides the nicotine side effects, there are reports that electrical cigarettes can explode due to the faulty or malfunctioning battery as well as the charger. The liquid flavor also is dangerous for children.

It comes in fruits and candy flavors so it attracts the children. If it is digested, it can cause nicotine poisoning which can lead to death. Electronic cigarettes also can cause popcorn lung, a condition in which the airways in the lung are scarring and narrowing.

If you are a user of electronic cigarettes, be careful of electronic cigarettes side effects


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