The Journey of Esse Cigarettes

The Journey of Esse through the Time

Did you know that Esse cigarettes come in various sizes? Not only different sizes but also unique flavors. Read the article below about one of the famous cigarettes in the world.

Esse is one of the famous cigarettes from the big cigarette company from South Korea, Korean Tomorrow & Global (KT&G).

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The company is the 9th largest cigarette company in the world in 2018 according to Statista. It began to market in the international market after changing ownership from government to private.

Esse is a cigarette brand that sells several sizes, namely regular, slim, and superslims. Interesting right? Let’s explore the journey of Esse cigarettes from the very beginning.

Esse Cigarettes Korea

Where the Brand Started

Esse Cigarettes were first released in 1996 in South Korea. Initially, this brand was produced and marketed by Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation which also markets ginger.

However, after this company changed to Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation (KT&G). After the change, the company focused on cigarette production.

This brand is much in demand by female consumers. This is because the nicotine content and tobacco residues are not too strong compared to other cigarettes.

Esse Cigarettes 02

This can be seen in the size of cigarettes available in regular, slim and superslim sizes.

In 2012, Esse controlled the cigarette market by 25%. Not only that, but the drastic increase in the number of cigarette exports also occurred from 15.4% in 2010 to 40% in 2016

This product indeed prioritizes exports to other countries. Countries designated as markets are the United States, Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia, and countries in the Middle East.Esse Cigarettes Korea

Various Kinds of Esse Cigarettes in Indonesia

  1. Esse Menthol
  2. Esse Mild
  3. Esse Change
    1. Applemint
    2. Double
    3. Juicy
    4. Grape
  4. Esse Blue
    1. Blue
    2. Blue Change
  5. Esse Maxx
  6. Esse Berry Pop
  7. Esse Shuffle Pop
    1. Berry Mint
    2. Caramel Mint
    3. Apple Mint
    4. Mango Mint
    5. Orange Mint

Esse Menthol

KT&G released the first variant of Esse in the 2000s. The first variant is Esse menthol. With a superslims size, this cigarette is made using a machine. With a smaller size, this cigarette is favored by women.

Not only because of its size, menthol flavor on cigarettes makes cigarettes taste softer. The menthol taste was just right and not excessive.

Esse Mild

In 2013, KT&G released the Esse variant in a black package. This cigarette is called Esse Mild and accentuates the use of filters made from activated charcoal.

This filter makes Esse Mild produce smoother and cleaner smoke. As the name suggests, this product is superslims in size and low in nicotine content and tobacco residue.

Esse Change

Esse Change Applemint

In 2014-2015, KT&G launched the Change Applemint variant. This superslims variant is fitted with flavoring filters in the capsule form. If we click the capsule, you will feel the sensation of apple and mint in the smoke.

Within one package, there are 20 cigarettes. This variant is categorized as a machine-made cigarette. However, it does not lessen the sensation of this cigarette.

Esse Maxx

In 2019, KT&G released the Esse Maxx cigarette variant. Cigarette made by this machine is called a combination of low nicotine and tobacco residue but also Full Flavor. In another name, this cigarette includes Medium Tar.

The flavor given by this variant is slightly spicy combined with the taste of fruits. The taste of cloves in it is also soft.

Esse Berry Pop

The next variant is the Berry Pop variant. Just like Change Applemint, this variant has a tasteful capsule. However, this variant gives the flavor of berries.

This variant released in 2016 is included in machine-manufactured cigarettes. In addition, the content of nicotine and tobacco residues is also low.

Esse Shuffle Pop

Shuffle Pop is a variant targeted at young ages around 18-30. This is because this variant has a capsule filter with five different flavors. Those flavors are presented to satisfy the high curiosity of young people.

Five flavors in this variant are Berry Mint, Caramel Mint, Apple Mint, Mango Mint, and Orange Mint.


Esse’s Fun Facts

Superslims’ Bestsellers in The World

Esse superslims cigarettes are one of the best-selling cigarettes in the world. It controls more than one-third of the global superslims cigarette market. Based on the KT&G report, since 2001-2016, their export sales reached 202 billion and as many as 43 million sticks of foreign production.

The successful sales of this brand in foreign countries make KT&G the fifth-largest cigarette company in the world. Also, KT&G succeeded in establishing branch factories abroad, precisely in Iran in 2009 and Russia in 2010.

Esse Cigarettes 05

Special Variants in Three Countries

A large number of Esse sales in foreign markets is due to its smart strategy. KT&G modifies the taste of cigarettes for certain countries. This can create the closeness of Esse as an international cigarette product with these countries.

The strategy undertaken by KT&G is to only sell cigarettes with a taste capsule filter in Russia. In Africa, it released the cigarettes with shorter sizes. Then in Indonesia, they include the original Indonesian spices, namely cloves.

Beside Esse products, KT&G has other brands. Those are Carnival, Raison, Timeless Time, Pine, and The One.

That is the brief history, kinds of Esse cigarettes, and other tobacco-rolled products from KT&G. Hopefully, the above explanation can help to determine which variant that suits you. P.S the fruity filtered flavors seem nice.

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