South Korean cigarettes made by KT&G are displayed in a cigarette machine in Seoul August 28, 2006. Shares in KT&G Corp. fell as much as 7 percent on Monday after U.S. investors Carl Icahn and Warren Lichtenstein ended an alliance that has pushed for changes in South Korea's biggest tobacco company. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won (SOUTH KOREA) - GM1DTJILIYAA

ESSE is another great cigarette product you can find today. The packaging looks expensive and elegant. This beauty is well-matched with the taste of the cigarette.

The cool and mild taste is the perfect choice for women, which is also the main target market for this product.

Now, if you love to buy and taste this cigarette, you may also want to know more about the company that creates the ESSE cigarette.

Esse Manufacturer


First of all, ESSE, even though the name sounds like an English name, is a cigarette that is produced by the South Korean company. The ESSE name itself is adapted from the Italian language.

In Chinese, this brand is called Ai Xi. However, for the ESSE Menthol, in Chinese, it is called Ai Yi. The company that manufactures this cigarette is Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation (KT&G).

Esse Cigarettes

KT&G is the biggest and the leader of the tobacco industry in South Korea. Their annual year is over US$4 billion. This company sale was 62% of the cigarette market in South Korea.

This number was acquired from the study in 2009. With this power, this company has shared the same field with other big players, such as Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco (BAT), and Philip Morris International, for the international cigarette market.

The Ownership of KT&G

Currently, KT&G was owned by a private party. However, when it was founded, this company was a government company.

The South Korean government monopolizes this company and the cigarette industry using this company as their main company, since 1987 when it was founded.

However, when KT&G going public by entering the South Korean stock market in 1999, this company then starting to get private ownership.

Then, in 2002, this company changed its name to Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation (KT&G).


By changing the ownership from government company to a private company, KT&G didn’t receive any direct financial support from the government anymore.

Government still has some shares in this company through the banks and national pension funds which deal with the employee welfare of this company. However, the biggest fund is coming from a private party.

Moreover, with its potency as one of the profitable companies in South Korea, many foreign investors are interested in this company.


Esse Products

Currently, KT&G focus on cigarette production. However, its name has implied the product that this company produced in the past, which is tobacco and ginseng product.

The start of the separation between tobacco and ginseng product was in 2002 when this company changes its name.

The company creates a subsidiary company that’s focusing on the ginseng product, which is called Korea Ginseng Corporation. The Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation then focused on the cigarette product.

ESSE maybe is the most popular product in South Korea as well as the international market from KT&G. However, this company also produces many other cigarette brands.

Maybe, you will recognize some of these products or you even smoke them. So, here is the product from KT&G.

  • Carnival (Overseas, primarily USA)
  • Pine Prime (Oversea)
  • Bohem Cigar No.2
  • Bohem Cigar No.3
  • Bohem Cigar No.5
  • Bohem Cigar No.6
  • Bohem Cigar Cubana
  • Bohem Cigar Mini
  • Cloud9
  • Cloud9 1 mg
  • Esse Special Gold
  • Esse Blend IN 3
  • Esse One
  • Esse Field
  • Esse Menthol
  • Esse Prime
  • Esse Classic
  • Esse Soo 0.5
  • ESSE presso
  • ESSE Ice presso
  • ESSE Sun presso
  • The One fresh
  • The One 1
  • The One 0.5
  • Raison Red
  • Raison Blue
  • Raison Black
  • Raison Fresh
  • Raison French Yogo
  • Raison French Black
  • Indigo
  • Arirang
  • Y 1mm
  • Y 3mm
  • Ents 1mm
  • Lo Crux
  • Lo Crux M
  • Wind
  • Zest
  • Vision
  • Humming Time
  • Timeless TIME Light
  • Timeless TIME
  • Simple
  • Doraji Yeon
  • RICH
  • THIS
  • THIS plus
  • timeless TIME (Overseas, primarily USA)
  • Hanaro
  • Lilic
  • Lilac Menthol
  • Rose
  • Hallasan
  • Eighty eight light
  • Black Jack
  • Low stick
  • Low stick Menthol
  • Low stick Lights
  • Hong Kong Lights
  • Hong Kong (rokok)
  • Hong Kong Menthol
  • Zamrud
  • Zamrud Menthol
  • Zamrud Lights
  • Zamrud Kuning
  • Master
  • Langkah emas LE SUPER
  • ON Mild
  • ON Menthol
  • Hoopa (Discontinued)
  • Edge
  • Pine
  • Pundimas

Even though this company holds the biggest market for cigarettes in South Korea, they also face some of the problems for the domestic market. The main reason is currently many rules that ban smoking in a certain area in South Korea, both indoors and outdoors.

The increase of health awareness from South Korean also affects the market and availability of the product. This affects the prices of the KT&G cigarette product that increased significantly in 2015.

However, the international market has a different situation. KT&G product, especially ESSE brands, increase its popularity and sales.

To facilitate this increase, KT&G also started to use aboard plantation and manufacturer to cut down the production cost.

They have many plantations in countries that are known for tobacco products and other ingredients for their cigarette products, such as Indonesia, Russia, Iran, and Turkey. With this method, this company has successfully increased its selling and export to other countries.

Current Condition

Currently, the person that takes a charge of KT&G is Bok-In Baek, as President & CEO. This company headquarters is located at 71 Beotkkot-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, 34337, South Korea.

Its phone number, if you have some interest in this company is +82.42.939.5000. For more information, you can visit their website at

KT&G currently is still one of the financially stable companies in South Korea and even the world. With their popular product, ESSE, they can survive in today’s competition.

And, we can see that they also regularly launch a more innovative and new product for South Korea and the international market.


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