Fallout: New Vegas Smoking Mod

Eventhough Fallout: New Vegas is released in 2010, the game is still very popular until now. It’s because of its RPG open-world feature which makes player can freely roam without any border and limitation.

Fallout: New Vegas game tells a story of a tension between factions and sides in the post-nuclear war era. In this game, you can’t see anything but dust and junk.

It seems the destruction from nuclear bomb is so great.

Fallout New Vegas Smoking

When you are playing this game, you will find junk everywhere around the map. They are useless and is only be essential if it’s sold to merchant for a few caps (cents).

You can also find cigarette around the map but unfortunately you can’t smoke it. It’s not pretty realistic for not being able to smoke in the game that is claimed as realistic game.

Fallout New Vegas Smoking Mod

To solve that problem, fallout modder whose pseudoname is EdisLeado, created a mod that makes all cigarette in Fallout: New Vegas becomes smokeable.

How wonderful it is.

Smoking cigarette also gives positive buff to your character.

These are the benefits:

Cigarettes: CHR +1, AGL +1Lucky Cigarettes: CHR +1, AGL +1, LCK +1Cigars: CHR +1, AGL +1, INT +1Cigarillos: CHR +1, AGL +1, STR +1

Those buff is only activated when the cigarette is still on which is 120 seconds. When you stop smoking, the buff will be gone.

This mode is actually gone too far because you can’t smoke cigarette repeatedly. There is nicotine effect after smoking which lasts 360 sec. In that time, you can’t smoke any cigarette.

Fallout New Vegas Cigarettes

This is the link to go to the site of the mod.

So, what do you think? Is the mod cool?


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