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When we hear Fidel Castro name, we may constantly remember his relation with cigars. Yes, this Cuban character is indeed very close to cigars.

This lifetime Cuban President is known to be tough, wise, iron fist, charismatic, and brave by the Cuban people and the world. Behind his reputation, there are some interesting stories experienced by Fidel Castro during his life.

  1. Make a cigar factory with the help of virgins
    During his life, Fidel Castro was joked with the news that the cigar he only smoked had to be handmade and rolled on a virgin thigh. That joke was very binding on this important figure of Cuba.

    However, one day, he got angry as the cigar he smoked felt different from the usual ones. Then, he made a cigar-making team to make the cigar that Fidel Castro wanted and the cigar was named Cohiba.
  2. Attempted murder with a cigar
    To live as a Fidel Castro was definitely not easy. Many people intended to kill Fidel Castro during his lifetime. He experienced 600 attempted assassinations. Some of the attempted killings were using cigars.

    The first attempt was actually not a murder; it was a humiliation instead. Since Fidel Castro’s hobby was smoking cigars, the CIA planned an operation to publicly embarrass Fidel Castro.

    The trick was to give LSD fluid derived from wheat to the cigar that Castro smoked. This LSD liquid later expected to cause such a hallucinatory effect on Castro, and the CIA hoped Castro would embarrass himself under the hallucination. LSD itself was already well-known in the 1960s because it was often used by the drug addicts called hippies.

    The first attempt was successful; Castro hallucinated and spoke incoherently while attending a talk show on WNTA-TV, New York, United States. The effect of LSD was not just from Castro’s psychic, but also affected his physic, Castro’s beard which fell off because of the LSD effect.

    The second attempt was by using cigars that had been mixed with botulin. This botulin is a type of poison caused by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinium.

    This poison attacks the nervous system directly so that it can kill a person in seconds. However, the CIA withdrew the plan for worrying that the host of the TV show would smoke that cigar as well. As a result, the CIA sent a double Cuban agent to give the botulin cigar to Fidel Castro. However, this effort failed because it was known by Cuban spies.

    After that, the third attempt was conducted. This time the CIA did not play and really serious about their plane to kill Castro. The CIA inserted a bomb in Castro’s cigar box so he could die at once.

    This effort failed because Cuban intelligence knew the plan before the cigar bomb reached Fidel Castro. The third assassination attempt was carried out when Fidel Castro was about to visit the UN office.

Since the third attempt, the Cuban security team agreed to only give Fidel Castro Cohiba cigars. Any other kinds of cigar were rejected to avoid another attempted murder with cigar motives.

Fidel Castro is very close to cigars since Cuba is famous for its unique cigars. Therefore, Fidel Castro likes Cuban handmade cigars with virgin thigh as its roll tables.

However, his fondness became a means for the CIA to kill him. However, nothing worked. None of the 600 trials were successful. In 2016, Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 at 22:49. In the end, only God can determine the life of humans.


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