Fine and Rare HOF / 506 from Alec Bradley

Fine & Rare cigar series from Alec Bradley has been started in 2011 when Alan Rubin set out to make the most complex blended cigar in the world.

At that time Alec Bradley used ten different tobacco leaves. Last October Alec Bradley announced that the New Fine & Rare Series will be release this November, it called the HOF / 506.

Comes in the size of 6¼” long by 54 ring gauge box-pressed Gran Toro.

This 2019 Fine & Rare cigar is dedicated to the life and legacy of Alan Rubin’s father, David Rubin, who passed away in late 2018.  He appears on the cigar band.

The 2019 release is the most important of the  releases since its inception,” Alan said. “This is an homage and dedication to David Rubin, my father; who inspired me to always work hard and never give up- so we strive to be the best. My true commemorative piece in honor of my father David Rubin. We love and miss you; Alan Rubin and family.”

Alec Bradley Hof 506

That’s only single pair of master rollers hand-rolls the Fine & Rare HOF / 506. The blend uses Nicaraguan and Honduras long-leaf for filler, and the binder are same as the filler, all wrapped with selected aged Honduras Trojes leaf.

Alec Bradley Fine Rare Hof 506 1

The New Fine & Rare HOF / 56 are a limited only 2,500 stick.  The cigar rolled at the Raices Cubanas Factory in Danli, Honduras.  Raices Cubanas has makes many of Alec Bradley’s other blends.


  • Size: 6 ¼” x 54 Gran Toro
  • Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf
  • Binder: Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf
  • Wrapper: Honduras Trojes
  • Type: Box-Pressed
  • Factory: Raices Cubanas, Danli
  • Country of Origin: Honduras

Pics: Alec Bradley


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