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6 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Clove Flavored Cigarette

Clove Cigarette is illegal in the U.S. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this cigarette.

Of course, you don’t need to smuggle it to the U.S. which can give you bigger problems, or buy it from the black market.

Actually, you can make flavored cigarettes by yourself. The best of all, you can add any flavor that you want.


First of all, prepare the ingredients. You need tobacco and cloves. Choose loose-leaf tobacco and whole cloves. Use the 1:3 or 2:3 ration of tobacco and cloves.

Prepare the cigarette paper to roll up the final ingredients. Do not forget to prepare the flavored liquid, if you want to turn this cigarette into flavored cigarettes.

You can use any flavored liquid that you like, from rose water to even tea or coffee liquid.


  1. Cut the clove flower from its stems. Then chop the flower part until it becomes small pieces. Do the same things to the tobacco. The chopped flower like this will create the crackling sound which is the trademark sound of the kretek cigarette (clove cigarettes).
  2. Place the finely chopped ingredient into grinder bowl. Then, grind it well. Do not let it become powder. The best thing is to let it have texture so you can hear the crackling sound that you usually hear on the
  3. Put the ground ingredient in the bowl. Now, you can add the flavored liquid into it to add the flavor as the base for the flavored cigarettes. Use 1:8 ratios of the flavored liquid and the ground ingredients. However, if you want to get a stronger flavor, you can change the ration into 1:7.
  4. Mix the liquid flavor and ground ingredient well.
  5. Dry the ingredients. You can put it on the open air to let it dry naturally. But, it can take too much time. To solve this problem, use the oven at the lowest temperature.
  6. Once it’s dried, you can put it in the cigarette paper and roll it. You also can use it with a smoking pipe.


As you can see, making your own flavored cigarettes from cloves is easy. The ingredients are also easy to get. Many online stores provide cloves, tobacco and other ingredients that you need.

And, there is one thing that you need to remember. Do not smoke too much for lowering the risk of health problem from the nicotine in the cigarette.


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