Food And Drink That Make Your Cigarette or Vape Tastes Better

Cigarette or vape is sometimes incomplete when enjoyed on its own. It needs something else to bring out its taste and flavor.

Some food or drinks make your cigarette or vape taste even better.

Here is the list of food and drinks that enrich your tastebuds and make your cigarette or vape taste better.


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Meat in any type whether it is steak, burger, or beef taco will surely make you cigarette or vape tastes more flavourful. Can you imagine inhaling your vape or cigarettes and then putting a big juicy cut of steak into your mouth? Yum!


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Puffing a cigarette or vape while sipping on a cup of coffee is truly one of the world's greatest pleasures. The bitter slightly acidic taste of coffee will greatly enhance your cigarette or vape. Some people even cannot drink a cup of coffee while smoking.


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Have you tried smoking/vaping while chugging down vodka? Trust me, they are a match made in heaven, even more compatible than Romeo and Juliet.

The sharp burst of alcohol in your tongue will increase the flavor of your cigarette or vape and make it even tastier. If you are not into vodka, any alcoholic drink is fine too.

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