Formula 1 Cigarette Sponsors

Here are some of iconic tobacco brand sponsors that live inside Formula 1. Tobacco sponsors and Formula 1 have a long history and connection between each other. Big brands such as Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Camel, West plays a big role in investing their money to the motorsport. Enjoy this gallery! 

Marlboro & Ferrari Connection

Formula 1 Tobacco Sponsor 4

Formula One teams have started using sponsorship liveries in 1968 by replacing the national colors with sponsors as to display the logo on a car was very important because they have realized that sponsorship plays a major role in Formula One and in all sports. For example, Ferrari has been known racing in a traditional red since forever as it represented the customary national racing color of Italy as recommended between the world war one and the war world two by the organizations that later became the FIA. That tradition red is also called Rosso Corsa which means the red international motor racing color of cars entered by teams from Italy. However, Ferrari kept their traditional red as national-patriotic basic commercial sponsor liveries unlike most other teams in Formula One.

Ayrton Senna Lotus 99T Camel

Formula 1 Tobacco Sponsor 5

After Renault pulled out of F1 at the end of 1986, Lotus signed a deal with Honda for use of their turbocharged 1.5-litre engine. Due to Honda's existing deal with Williams which allowed that team exclusive use of the 1987-spec RA167-E unit, Lotus instead used the previous season's RA166-E. As part of the deal, Lotus agreed to sign Honda's test driver Satoru Nakajima as teammate to Ayrton Senna. Still, it’s sobering to realize that this year will mark 30 years since Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 99T-Honda, complete with the active suspension system, crossed the line first at both Monaco and Detroit to score Team Lotus’s final grand prix victories. It’s always struck me as tragic that Chapman didn’t live to see his team running the fastest driver of his era in the most complex F1 car of the period. We can be certain he’d have approved. 

BAR 01

Formula 1 Tobacco Sponsor 6

The BAR 01 was the car with which the British American Racing Formula One team used to compete in the 1999 Formula One season, its inaugural year in the series after purchasing Tyrrell. It was driven by Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 Champion who had left Williams in order to work with Team Principal Craig Pollock, his manager, and a good friend. The second driver was Ricardo Zonta, the 1997 Formula 3000 champion and 1998 FIA GT champion, although Mika Salo would deputize early in the season after the Brazilian injured his ankle at Interlagos

Jacques Villeneuve's car was to display Lucky Strike branding and Ricardo Zonta's car to have 555 brandings. 


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