Funny Djarum 76 TVC Ad Commercial

Djarum 76 is known for its very classic and witty advertisements. Each ad always presents a figure of a genie dressed in Javanese custom who grants the request of people who touch the magic lamp just like the story of Aladdin. Mixed with the local wisdom, this advertisement brings up the issues that become trend at the moment.

For instance, the picture on the side that tells a story of a genie contest containing 3 contestants. The first genie come from Egypt, the second one is from Japan, and the third one is from Indonesia.

The competition is nothing but vanishing the historical objects from their own countries. The genie from Egypt succeeds the test by vanishing the Pyramid, so does the genie from Japan by vanishing the Fujiyama Mount. 

The genie from Indonesia carries a cardboard full of documents, and then he vanishes those documents in front of the two genies. It is considered as a small thing and a joke for the two great genies. 

However, the genie from Indonesia closes his action by saying “Corruption cases… lost!” and makes the audiences rejoice at hearing this. The funny thing is the audiences are dressed like the officials.


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