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Gudang Garam Signature Review

Gg Signature PackGudang Garam Signature is an art of “kretek” clove cigarettes that to made it involving a complicated process than other type of cigarettes.

It should have a right composition of chopped tobacco, clove and sauce, that the sauce added in the middle of the process of production.

The mixture of the tobacco at Gudang Garam Signature itself can use more than 30 different type of tobacco, to get a balance of taste, the age of the tobacco leaves also will determine the taste.

And then the proportional balance between the tobacco and the cloves when mixture it.

The sauce made from many different ingredients to produce a particular flavor.

Finally the wrapping paper used towrapped the blend.

Gudang Garam Signature History

GUDANG GARAM is a well known clove cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia. The company has produced so many clove cigarettes, both non-filtered and filtered.

Gudang Garam Signature is machine-made filtered clove cigarette that introduced in 2013. This is a premium class of filtered clove cigarette that since introduced to the market, the selling trend always going up.

Gudang Garam Signature

The “Signature” is a special improvement blends of filtered clove cigarette from Gudang Garam.

Gudang Garam Signature Review

Gudang Garam Signature coming in the flip-top paper box in dominant maroon color, consists of 12 cigarettes. On the back side of the box, that is signature in gold color of the founder, Surya Wonowidjojo.

The cigarette wrapped with white color cigarette paper and light brown/orange filter. When the box opened, the aroma of clove and sauce arise, the cigarette is bold.

And when the cigarette light-up, it is a fruity aroma coming from the smoke, the first puff it is flavor of spice, sweet, and fruity, the mixture of the sauce become dominant.

The blend of the tobaccos and clove given a fruity and earthy flavor and unique aroma.

This is a slow-burn clove cigarette, from the first puff into finish, it will take around 13 to 14 minutes. If the cigarette put in the ashtray for nearly two minutes, sometimes it need to light-up again.

After one-third smoking, it will has a low throat hit, that the flavor become more sensational and unique. After the two-third phase into finish, it will fell a more warm near the tipping paper and filter.

Gudang Garam Signature

Comparing with Gudang Garam International, this Gudang Garam Signature is more soft and smooth.

The flavor and aroma also excellent, the taste is lighter than soft, it is maybe this cigarettes also projection for international market.


With a long experienced of Gudang Garam in the cigarettes business, their professionalism and applied of modern technology, they very consider with the quality of products to gain the customer satisfaction in smoking.

For some smokers, enjoying clove cigarettes is a daily ritual that should not be missed. Some of them enjoying to get a relaxing atmosphere, and some others are as an ice-breaker in the social scene.

Gudang Garam Signature Review
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Gudang Garam Signature Review
Gudang Garam Signature from Gudang Garam, is an art of "kretek" clove cigarettes that to made it involving a complicated process than other type of cigarette.
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Smoking Room
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