Habanos Bring’s Back Cuban Heritage through Cohiba Talisman

Habanos S.A. as an arm of the Cuban state owned tobacco company, Cubatabaco,

That controls the promotion, distribution, and export of Cuban prime quality cigars and other tobacco products worldwide, has announced a limited production run of the Cohiba Talisman, the Edicion Limitada from 2017.

Habanos cites popular demand as the reason.

Cohiba Talisman Cigar

Cohiba Talisman cigar’s is same to be a Cuban heritage of the cigar world, it’s quality, shape, taste and flavor are a classic for the cigar smoker all around the world.

As reviewed by some cigars enthusiasm and Habanos statement, this Cohiba Talisman is one of the most demanded in the history of this product concept.

Due to the success and the availability of raw material from the same harvest from which the Limited Edition was produced with at least two years of aging, Habanos S.A. has decided to reward the loyalty of its followers with an additional quantity of Cohiba Talisman.

So far there is no any information about the blending uses for this cigar, about the filler, binder or wrapper.  But the color of wrapper is looks similar with the other Cohiba vitola, the tobacco leaves supposed to be come from Pinar del Rio and Vuelta Abajo tobacco farms.

Cohiba Talismán is an extra Robusto size at 6 1/8 inches long by 54 ring gauge, there are two bands on the top, one is the original Cohiba band and the second band is for its initial production Edicion Limitada 2017, and the wooden boxes will stamped with the date of production in 2019.

The box is slide-lid boxes of 10 cigars. The cigar blend matches the flavor profile of Cohiba’s La Línea Clasica range medium-to-full with the head of cigar with a “pigtail” as also found on La Línea Behike, the structure of all of the cigars out of box has been remarkable.

All the tobaccos used in a Limited Edition cigar are aged for at least two years. However, in addition to this the Second Ligero leaf in Cohiba cigars undergoes an ‘extra fermentation’.

The ligero and Seco leaf are subjected to at an additional may last as long as eighteen months fermentation period, and is conducted at the factory in cedar barrels.

Cohibas are the only Cuban cigars to undergo this process and it provides all of their cigars with a unique smoothness.

The Maduro wrapper leaf supposed to be that been used to dress this cigar provides just a touch of sweetness that plays across the top of the palate.

The Cohiba Talismán is still marketed as an Edición Limitada and is not going into regular production the way some Edición Limitada in the past.

The other cigars like Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, H. Upmann Magnum 50 and the Trinidad Topes started as Edición Limitada and are now part of the normal Habanos portfolio. The Cohiba Talisman is very first limited edition being made from the mítica fábrica (mythical mill) of El Laguito, Havana.

Cohiba Talismán is designed to match and indeed surpass previous Limitada Edicions releases from the pertigious Cohiba stable.  It is proving to be even more popular than the Cohiba Robustos Supremos Limited Edition of 2014.

It is lucky if you have this Limited Edition of Cohiba………..

Pics: Habanos S.A.


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