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Alternative cigarettes have become a booming business, both online and off-line. Over the past decade an increasing amount of media attention has been given to the negative health effects, which happens to people when they continued to smoke tobacco.

In response to this others have developed alternative cigarettes which can contain anything from a mixture of herbs, to some tobacco with cloves or dried leaves or any other unusual ingredient that may help individuals to gain satisfaction while quitting smoking.

If anything can be rolled up and smoked it is a high probability that it has been tried. Most of these “experiments” don’t get very far but if you have managed to catch on.

Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes

The biggest selling point is that they’re supposed to be a healthier alternative. They often look exotic and also come in appealing flavors. In fact, some of the advertising implies that smoking alternative cigarettes is smarter and healthier.

But, despite this marketing appeal, most alternative cigarettes are not safe and some are more considerably dangerous than normal.

Despite the desire of smokers to have an alternative which is healthier and safe for them, there is no such thing as a safe smoke.

Staff attorney for the FTC, Matthew Gold, states,

Simply being free of additives, or in the case of herbal cigarettes, free of nicotine, doesn’t make them safer. Any kind of cigarette use smoke test car and carbon monoxide, which have very real health hazards associated with them.

Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes

Alternative cigarettes which contain bidi, herbal and clove are especially popular with young people and actors who are asked to play the part of an individual who smokes.

Bidis are usually imported from India or southeast Asia and are small and hand rolled cigarettes that around tightly around a dried tendu leaf.

They look a little bit like marijuana joints and are available in every artificial flavor imaginable.  They are less expensive than regular cigarettes and look a little exotic.

John Banzhaf, executive director of Action on Smoking and Health, “we call them training wheels for young smokers.” 

Bidis Cigarettes

Unfortunately, they are actually more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes because smokers inhaled two to three times more car in nicotine than regular cigarettes and smokers have to inhale deeply and often just to keep the things lit.

Because these particular types of cigarettes seem to slip through the usual regulations placed upon traditional or conventional cigarettes greater than half of them do not carry the necessary warnings in the tobacco is often stored in rat infested warehouses where it is not cleaned before use.

Several states, including Illinois in Vermont, have completely banned the sale of bidis because of the problems associated with them.

In one state run operation criminal justice people found that children as young as nine years old had successfully purchased the cigarettes over the telephone.

Clove Cigarettes Illegal

Another option has been herbal cigarettes which are claimed to be tobacco free in nicotine free.

Unfortunately, many people assume that anything which is herbal or natural is not dangerous but that simply is not true. Tobacco is actually natural and is certainly dangerous.

Several herbal cigarettes are made to look exactly like traditional cigarettes and come in a variety of flavors.  Because they don’t contain tobacco they can legally be sold to people of any age.

According to research done by the Federal Trade Commission, herbal cigarettes produced many of the same toxins that are found in tobacco smoke, namely tar and carbon monoxide.

Clove Cigarettes
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In the last in the alternative cigarettes which are common and popular are clove cigarettes. These contain about 60% tobacco and 40% ground cloves.

Unfortunately, these also deliver twice as much nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide as regular cigarettes according to the American lung Association.

Close produce a dangerous chemical when they are burned and inhaling it may also increase the risk of pneumonia, bronchitis another lung infections.

Herbal Cigarette

In some individuals who are susceptible, clove cigarettes have even induced coma and life-threatening lung injury.

Some of these alternative cigarettes come prewrapped but much of the interest in alternative cigarettes comes from the necessity of wrapping them yourself.

Another reason that alternative cigarettes are viewed more favorably is that those who must act as if they are smoking believe that these products aren’t as bad as smoking a traditional cigarette.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


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